Airlines add flights in Kamloops to get fog-stranded passengers on their way


Kamloops’ major air carriers will move yesterday’s weather bound travelers with additional flights today. WestJet will operate one additional flight and Air Canada Express will operate four additional flights after fog halted travel out of the airport Wednesday.

“It is expected that anyone traveling on these flights will have been notified, but travelers are encouraged to contact the air carriers or their travel agent who made their bookings to confirm travel arrangements,” airport managing director Fred Legace said today.

He said that according to the Environment Canada forecast, the arrival of a snow storm across southern B.C. is not expected to cause delays here in Kamloops, but systemic delays may build as a result of delays at other airports.

“Once again, travelers are encouraged to track their flights most up to date information through the air carrier websites or telephone reservation systems. In all instances there is an option to enter your flight number and the information provided is the best and most up to date.”


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