FEATURED COMMENT – Protesters made their point; now it’s time to leave

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Re: No surprise that trucker convoy lost control of the message

I think Rothenburger has a right to his opinion, as much as the truckers do have a right to peaceful protest.

I don’t think a few bad incidents define the original intent of the protest, and I was happy to hear other protesters were protecting the tomb of the unknown soldier. Naturally the sight of Nazi flags and the use of yellow stars is horrible, they have no place in Canada.

Comparing the 2022 “freedom” rally to storming the beaches at Normandy is so disrespectful of the soldiers who really did defend our freedom with their lives. Please read history, understand the symbols, and have respect. Six million Jews died.

I do not believe our duly elected government should fall, or be held hostage by the protests. We have a democratic process for this — an election. I do not believe the protest truckers views are those of the majority of Canadians either — but know there is a lot of support.

I am a proud Canadian and love this country and the freedom we have, and I do not agree with the protest. The vaccinations, mandates etc have all been put in place to keep our fragile healthcare system from collapsing during a pandemic — I am responsible for my actions and support this, and our overworked healthcare workers. Does not mean I am not weary of the pandemic and mandates, because I am.

I also support the truckers keeping our grocery shelves full, and the people who are keeping our economy going — restaurant workers, grocery store workers, plumbers, bank tellers, etc — basically every worker is essential. I do my best to support them.

Please be respectful of everyone just doing their job. A waitress should not be abused for checking a vaccine passport, because she or he is simply doing their job. The protesters have made their point, and I hope they leave Ottawa. The people living there also have rights.


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2 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Protesters made their point; now it’s time to leave

  1. Ian MacKenzie // February 2, 2022 at 6:42 AM // Reply

    Yes, Pierce and Sarah, but those historically accepted Canadian attitudes seem to be in dwindling supply these days. I doubt that any of the protesters in Ottawa are old enough to remember what true rationing of supplies meant to those who remember the WWII days when we called “freedom” the right for everybody to pull in the same direction for 5 years and accept the need for that to achieve the freedom we enjoy today.

  2. You took the words out of my mouth,,all hail reason, moderation, common sense and decency, often called law…

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