NATIONAL PULSE – Canadians are beginning to grow weary of monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II.


November 30, 2021 – The tiny island nation of Barbados is making a big change by becoming a republic and cutting ties to the British monarchy that has signified – at least in part – colonial rule for nearly 400 years.

With the health of Queen Elizabeth, who turned 95 this year, under increasing scrutiny, questions about the long-term future of Canada’s place as a constitutional monarchy are subject to more discussion.

Now, a new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds people in this country disinclined to maintain the status quo for generations to come by a margin of two-to-one: just over half (52%) say Canada should not remain a constitutional monarchy indefinitely, while one-quarter (25%) say it should.

These data reflect a significant decline in support for the system as Canadians grow increasingly weary of their relationship with the crown. Indeed, a little over five years ago, the number saying the country should remain a constitutional monarchy for generations to come stood at over 40 percent.

With Queen Elizabeth at the helm, however, Canadians are reasonably content with the current arrangement. A full majority (55%) say they support Canada’s place in the monarchy with the current Queen – who next year is expected to mark 70 years as Canada’s head of state. This drops to just 34 per cent with her assumed successor Prince Charles as the hypothetical king.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many Canadians carry a greater connection with the Queen than the institution she represents. Indeed, asked how her death might affect them, most say they’ll feel sad (56%) while one-fifth (19%) say they won’t feel anything.

More Key Findings:

  • A majority of Canadians, across all demographics, say the monarchy is becoming less relevant, or is no longer relevant at all. The opposite view is most keenly expressed among women over the age of 54, one-third of whom say the royal family is as relevant as ever.
  • Three-quarters (72%) of those in Quebec believe we should no longer be a constitutional monarchy, the highest level of opposition in any region in the country.
  • Three-in-five (57%) of those who want Canada to continue with a royal as the country’s head of state say they will be “very sad” when the Queen dies.

Link to the poll here:

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