GUEST COLUMN – Make room for respectful, rational discussion on COVID

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Guest Columnist

MR. (DAVID) JOHNSON’S tedious diatribe unfairly chastises Coun. Walsh for things he hasn’t said, and repetitively argues a pointless position already scientifically proven to be false.

He takes particular issue that Walsh apparently said, “Being vaccinated does not guarantee that you can’t be unknowingly carrying Covid and capable of spreading it to others, so anyone who thinks that is the case is deluding themselves.”

Bronwen Scott.

This is true, proven in our own community.

But since Mr. Johnson can’t entirely ignore the recent Blue Grotto cluster (23/50 passport-holding attendees coming down with covid) and ongoing Kamloops care home outbreak, he alleges that even if vaccinated people can pass on the virus, they won’t pass it on as much or for as long.

This is false, proven by science.

An Oct 4/21 UC Davis Genome Center, UC San Francisco and Chan Zuckerberg Biohub report has shown that there is “no significant difference in viral load between vaccinated and unvaccinated people who tested positive for the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. It also found no significant difference between infected people with or without symptoms”

We thought and hoped the vaccine would be a magic bullet; Dr. Henry went so far as to lift the public mask mandate early; there was great optimism. And the numbers do show far fewer covid hospitalizations among the vaccinated.

But masks had to go back on in short order, and now the grim reality is vaccinations and masking alone aren’t stopping the spread.

A lot of us think that vaccination means immunity, but stats show almost all covid deaths, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are in those over 80. Added to new evidence on infectiousness, this means you shouldn’t take off your mask just because you and Grandma (or anyone else, for that matter) are both vaccinated. Don’t kiss her cheek, or hold her hand, or breathe moistly around her.

We also may need to rethink how we shape public activities. This puts government in a difficult position, since it might involve taking away some of the privileges endowed by vaccine passports. The important thing, though, is ending this world-wide pandemic as soon as possible.

Covid isn’t waiting for us to dither and word-wrestle and point fingers. This evolving virus forces us to be nimble and open-minded.

We need to respect new information as it arises, like a study by the Washington University School of Medicine published in Nature June 28 that shows immune response produced by infection with sars-cov-2 is long lasting, robust and multifaceted, a view now accepted by Ontario’s Chief Medical Health Officer.

As vaccine reactions, especially in the immune-compromised, become more widely publicized, we need to make allowances for pre-existing conditions that may increase vaccine risk

In short, there needs to be space for respectful and rational discussion. Instead of carping at those who have a different perspective, let’s not divide ourselves. Covid is the enemy and we need to unite to fight it.

Bronwen Scott is a Paul Lake resident.

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3 Comments on GUEST COLUMN – Make room for respectful, rational discussion on COVID

  1. Pierre~ you state that “there is a consensus amongst disease specialists from North to the South and from the East to the West” which is absolutely untrue. There is not a consensus, but rather a monopoly over which “specialists” are allowed to speak and even more so allowed to retain their licenses, dependent upon which narrative of this story that they choose to propagate. There are countless specialists/epidemiologists/vaccine engineers with prominent medical expertise from all over the world whom are speaking out regarding the effectiveness and safety of this ‘experimental vaccine’. However, their voices are censored. Of particular irony to your inertia, is the 5,000 healthcare workers in BC alone that recently lost their jobs due to a refusal to accept this so-called ‘life saving vaccine’. A rule of thumb is that a good/safe product should be able to sell itself. Admirable products fly off the shelves and are all around in high-demand. Especially in high demand for those who should be able to see the direct value in it~ such as frontline healthcare workers. If 5,000 frontline healthcare workers are willing to lose their jobs rather than subject themselves to this ‘experimental vaccine’, do we not “owe it to rational” to ask why this might be? If you are so concerned that we owe it to “rational and respect” then why are you not advocating for open debate, an end to censorship and miscarriages of justice, and an upholding of respect to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? In my opinion, we absolutely DO owe it ‘rational and respect’ not to get on with the vaccine, but rather to lay question to the fraudulent practices that have plagued this “pandemic” from the beginning.

  2. Cherry picking of data to support differing positions was, if I remember correctly, the title of DJ article. The consensus amongst infectious disease specialists, from the North to the South and from the East to the West is to get the shots and boosters (or a pill) may be needed, perhaps even more that once. In my opinion we owe it to “rational and respect” to get on with the vaccine.

    • Yes, I did say that the vaccine significantly reduces hospital visits. But some people can’t get the vaccine, and some don’t need it b/c they’ve already had covid. All I was saying is that blanket edicts seldom work justly and we should all keep open minds.

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