LETTER – Let’s support our healthcare workers in every way we can

Our healthcare workers unselfishly enter the fray, day after day. (Image: Mel Rothenburger)

Regarding the recent Covid-19 outbreak at RIH, there are some things the public should consider.  Not everyone is the spouse of a healthcare worker (their main squeeze) or even a secondary squeeze.  But, without a doubt, every health care worker has a home life.

If any guys can relate, there are times when you might give a few moments’ thought if your little sweetie is going to be sworn at, hit, pinched or be the victim of some kind of violence on her shift.  You are thankful when she comes home safe; sometimes a bit quiet because something has happened and you know she can’t talk about it.

During the pandemic, you bid them a good day/evening/night going to do nursing at the hospital.  When she comes home, she enters through the downstairs door and puts her clothes into the washing machine.  You, as the great husband and perfect model husband you are, have a hot supper ready for her.

And, after she has eaten, has a coffee and has played with your Border Collie therapy dog, you are both thankful that it has been another shift completed.  There is always that sense of wonder in the back of your minds if there has been any contact with the Covid-19 virus.

Well, stuff happens in life.  I am not about to say anything about why or how because the virus can’t be seen or smelled and people who carry it might not have any idea they have it.

I hope that home life for the staff is with a partner who is supportive and understanding.  A lot of these folks are the ones who were praised during the first wave of infection; they did their absolute best to head in for their shifts for “others”  (thanks William Booth).

I spent some time on the surgical floor in the fall of 2009.  Although I tried to be a model patient, I sure didn’t feel like being a nice guy.  The staff in that unit put up with a lot of people who are in pain, are grumpy and are tired of being there.

Let’s see them through this and support them the best we can.


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