LETTER – Owner of border collie describes sudden attack by pit bull

Injuries to border collie from attack by pit bull. (Image: Pete Hoefner)

Editor’s note: An Armchair Mayor editorial on July 9 (‘Ban the deed, not the breed approach isn’t good enough’) mentioned a recent attack on a border collie by a pit bull. Pete Hoefner, the owner of the border collie, has submitted a copy of a letter he wrote to Kamloops-South Thompson MP Cathy McLeod about the incident:

In recent events of the latest pit bull attack on a person in Kamloops on June 29/20 I would like to bring light to what happened on our property at Bridge Lake 6 days earlier.

My wife and I had a contractor on the property doing some excavation work on Wednesday June 24/20 when we stopped for lunch about 12:30, we just started our lunch and I looked up and saw a pit bull locked in on our border collie laying beside my wife and I.

I stood up and yelled “pit bull” and in an instant it had my dog by the throat. All three of us tried to free our dog from this terror but it wouldn’t let go, at that point I grabbed the fire poker and beat the dog on the head several times until it released my dog.

At that point the pit bull tried to get back at my dog but my contractor and myself restrained the dog until my wife carried our dog into the cabin.

We then checked out our dog’s injuries and realized she needed medical attention immediately so my wife headed back to Kamloops. (I will attach pictures of the injuries.)

Now the part that pisses me off as much as the attack is the lack of response from the RCMP in 100 Mile House. Their answer was “it’s not our problem it’s a bylaw issue”.

The most helpful person in all of this was Rick Cunningham of the Williams Lake CRD who is a bylaw enforcement officer who sent me a copy of the community charter local government act which clearly states the responsibility of the RCMP of section 321- dangerous dogs. (I will also attach the PDF)

At that point I called the same detachment back and let them know of the severity of the situation and that I have the dog tied up and would like to know what will their next course of action will be, their answer was we’ll have somebody get back to you.

Guess what? No call back ever.

At about 4 PM I went to get a load of firewood and came back less than an hour later and the pit bull was gone and the leash it was clipped to was lying on the ground so I don’t know if an official came and got the dog or if somebody was bold enough to come and grab it themselves.

Cathy I now have all my call logs saved of that day as well as a $1000.00 vet bill so far but we are looking at some serious infections and possible skin grafts as the skin is dying around the wound not to mention the fact my 3 grandchildren aged 6-3 and 18 months old were playing with my border collie less than 24 hours earlier at the same spot the attack happened. We shudder to think what if it happened then.

Personally we would like these issues of lack of response by government officials investigated immediately.


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2 Comments on LETTER – Owner of border collie describes sudden attack by pit bull

  1. Beverley Campbell // July 10, 2020 at 10:11 AM // Reply

    Lest the facetious remark “Dog Lives Matter” be the only representation from the general public, I insert my own two cents. Yes all dog lives matter and this dog attack seems to matter to the family a great deal, as it would were it your dog. The affront comes from the lack of concern presented by the RCMP when contacted. I cannot imagine how much salt that threw into the wound, entirely unnecessarily, at the very least a vapid uncaring response, sad to see our beloved RCMP follow this path. I hope the dog recovers, I hope the owner of the attacking dog pays for the hefty bill, I hope it never happens to your dog, or your child ever again.

  2. Doug smart // July 10, 2020 at 5:54 AM // Reply

    Dog Lives Matter.

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