LETTERS – What has the monarchy done for us lately? Cost us loads of money

Re: Editorial, ‘Yes, we should be willing to pay for royal couple’s security’

Most Canadians in fact don’t believe we should foot the bill. Canadians are largely done with anything really “Royal” from what I’ve seen the last few years.

Why should we suffer the cost of a couple of celebs who have decided they don’t like the limelight? What has the monarchy done for anyone lately? Short answer, cost us money. Loads of it.

Tell us all how we need more pomp and circumstance in any way. There is an over-abundance of fools (see Ottawa) who cost us millions daily for no real return.

At a time of such decline with the provincial and national economy a complete wreck we need this like a house fire. Nice people sure. Pay your own way, definitely. Otherwise stay home.


Pay for the security of these pampered royal transients? I don’t think so. Maybe the money could be directed to protecting something that has value and will create exceptional return. Like the planet.

I usually agree with your opinions Mel, but not this time.


I’m incredibly disappointed in you. Why can’t you leave the Royals out of the press? I thought we as Canadians were better than that. It’s none of your business nor mine. And I’ll no longer be reading or watching anything written by you.


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2 Comments on LETTERS – What has the monarchy done for us lately? Cost us loads of money

  1. Jennie Stadnichuk // January 16, 2020 at 3:01 PM // Reply

    Perhaps we need to let them make their own choices as two intelligent, capable adults who were “fortunate” to be born (or become) a Royal. Their wish to partially step away from the “Senior” Royal Duties I feel should be respected. From what I’ve heard they want to become financially independent and have not asked for Canada to pay for security. That, no doubt, will be borne by the “Royal purse” and Prince Harry has two million dollars as his …. Meghan is a competent actress and has lived in Canada while filming the TV show “Suits” supporting herself and her endeavours. Harry has a decent education that includes the Military and has served his country in Afghanistan. As the sons of Charles and Diana they suffered far too much exposure in the media. How would you enjoy the constant hounding of the Paparazzi wherever you went? Remember the press on Diana? well we might realize that now both Harry and Meghan want privacy and the right to lead a less public life constantly! Let’s give them a chance! AND, I think it’s flattering they’ve chosen Canada as a place to live at least part of the time. Let’s respect their Privacy first and foremost. CHRIS DAWSON – please refer to the Wikipedia article on Prince Harry, as it’s full of information you might find enlightening.

  2. Well Valerie, unfortunately enough them royals are plenty of our business. But I agree they shouldn’t be.

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