GINTA – Simply showing up is not good enough

Children don’t need to win all the time. They need to feel challenged

OVER THE WEEKEND, our youngest had a karate testing for green belt. He became appropriately nervous as the day drew nearer, but also told me that he is looking at it as if it is another class in which he has to deliver his best; much like he is expected to do in every class.

It’s hard work but there’s a progression of skill learning that feeds into a healthy sense of motivation.

If you show up, do your best, otherwise there’s no point to it; their sensei emphasizes the concept every chance he gets. Do your best, no matter what, whether there’s someone assessing your performance or not.

When the day comes to show your knowledge and skills, you’ll stand a good chance to achieve your best. Or, if you fail, know what you need to work at.

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Daniela Ginta is a mother, scientist, writer and blogger. She can be reached at, or through her blog at

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