BY-ELECTION: Kevin Krueger: ‘I want to encourage positive outcomes for all’

Candidates in the Sept. 30 Kamloops civic by-election are invited to make submissions to on their platforms, biographical information, contact information or specific issues. Please keep them to 550 words or less. The following is from candidate for councillor Kevin Krueger.

My Family and I have lived in Kamloops for decades; we love this City.

I have spent over 40 years in public service, and enjoy it.  My greatest pleasure in public life has been helping people and their families with life’s difficulties, and bringing benefits to our community.

Kevin Krueger.

I served 17 years as an MLA for Kamloops and the Thompson Valleys, 1996-2013, and have worked with every mayor since Phil Gagliardi.

Kamloops is uniquely positioned as one of the three major population centres in B.C.’s Interior, blessed with mild weather, easy winters, and excellent planning by councils of our past.  Doctors moving here have told me:  “Kamloops has ALL that we hope for in a City:  a fine university, wonderful sports amenities, a great arts community, and quick access to recreation outdoors – and none of the things we dread:  little crime, light traffic, no congestion, no pollution.”

That is all true, and a credit to leaders past and present.

During my provincial career, I was appointed to various roles which were helpful to the people of Kamloops:  Chair of the Cabinet Committee for Natural Resources and the Economy, Minister of Mining, then Revenues, Small Business & Regulatory Reform, next Community and Rural Development, followed by Tourism, Culture and the Arts, and Social Development.

I was asked by British Columbia’s government to negotiate the first “Resource Revenues Sharing Agreements” with First Nations, and thrilled that our Sekwepmec friends lead the way!  Now there are hundreds of agreements, creating jobs and wealth, province-wide.

In each and all of these roles, I was assisted by local people in operationalizing opportunities for Kamloops’ citizens.  Mayor Branchflower and I worked on the plan to replace a former car dealership with the Kamloops Art Gallery and TNRD building, Mayor Rothenburger and I on a long and successful series of initiatives which delivered Thompson Rivers University, the Tournament Capital Centre, TRU Law, Royal Inland Hospital upgrades, and new homes for seniors, all over town.  Mayors Lake and Milobar partnered in beautifully with the positive energy and efforts of Kamloops citizens.

I have been frustrated by the negative behaviours of some councillors this term, being rude and crude to citizens, and attention-seeking.  I hope to help the council correct such disrespect.

We live in a beautiful city with wonderful people who pour out their energy and talents to create positive outcomes for all.

If elected, I want to encourage more of that, and see benefits blossom.

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9 Comments on BY-ELECTION: Kevin Krueger: ‘I want to encourage positive outcomes for all’

  1. Lorraine Winter // September 18, 2017 at 3:01 PM // Reply

    I agree completely with the posters above. God, I can only pray that name recognition won’t do us all in. There are some superb council candidates running in the Kamloops byelection. Check them out! Mr. KK is not among their numbers.

  2. Don’t you just love it when a wannabe hasbeen attempts to shed his colours in attempt to return to public trough.

  3. Ha! Ha! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! At the recent Kamloops & District Labour Council All Candidates’ Forum, you were disrepectful to everyone there. We were actually stunned when you just walked out of the room mid-sentence. You are obviously oblivious. Who writes your PR stuff? We don’t need your hypocritical attitude & rude behaviour on our City Council.

  4. Sorry Kevin, but after watching you in the Leg., there is no way in hell that I would want you as mayor. There is still too much potential for you to do lasting damage.

  5. Michael Gavin // September 17, 2017 at 7:33 AM // Reply

    Dear Kevin,
    Your comment that counselors have been rude and crude and having negative behaviours makes me remember the local MLA debate. You and your colleague Terry Lake while attending the provincial debate were interupting non BC Liberals by shouting out “not true” while candidates were speaking to the crowd and opposition. That sir was rude, crude and definitely showing bad behaviour. With this said I will not be voting you for counselor this election.

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