BY-ELECTION – Councillor candidate Leslie Lax: ‘a progressive approach’ accepts submissions from candidates for the mayoralty and two City council seats in the Sept. 30 Kamloops civic election. The following is from Leslie Lax, a candidate for councillor.

Kamloops needs strong, effective leaders who come to the table with an open, balanced approach and have the experience to promote growth.  I bring all of these qualities to the table along with a passion to serve our community.

Kamloops is a truly wonderful and welcoming city.  We have a strong business sector.  We have fantastic recreational facilities.  We have a vibrant arts and culture community, great opportunities for post-secondary education, and a world of nature at our doorstep.

Leslie Lax.

With the right leadership we can grow and prosper.  I am a consulting economist who has worked in the field of economic development for over 20 years.  I have extensive experience working side by side with municipal administration, Mayors and Councils in several communities through my consulting business.  My education includes a Master’s degree in Economics and I have focussed on facilitating strategic planning with local governments and First Nations.  I also have served on the boards of a number of community and economic development organisations.  I understand the balance between governance and administration.  Building on what we have we must bring a new and progressive energy to our city.

  • Fiscal Responsibility – As an economist and entrepreneur I believe we need to take the time to review our tax revenue requirements and identify and implement opportunities for savings from city operations. We need to ensure that we get best value for the tax dollars we do collect.  The City has 650 qualified employees who can bring their workplace knowledge and creativity to working more effectively.  I support carefully reviewing the efficiency of services, assessing spending and investing and managing the City’s assets to the best benefit of the community.
  • Community Engagement – Each neighbourhood offers its own strengths and faces its own challenges. Every neighbourhood must have an opportunity for input into city decisions.  I support options to make information more accessible to the public, with enough lead time for input.  I also support options to make council meetings more accessible to the public.
  • Economic Growth – Building on our strengths we must support responsible business investment in existing, new and emerging sectors. Kamloops needs economic diversity with well-paying jobs to meet the needs of our growing population.  I support improving how City departments work with business owners and investors.  I also support enhancing opportunities for those committed to developing social enterprises where the bottom line includes social as well as financial metrics.

Beyond ensuring you get the best value for your tax dollars, my focus on community growth and my track record of effectively working with diverse stakeholder groups, I bring a progressive, creative problem solving approach to working on Council.  If elected you have my commitment to work on your behalf.  I will represent your interests as best I can and contribute to the effective governance and growth of the City of Kamloops.


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5 Comments on BY-ELECTION – Councillor candidate Leslie Lax: ‘a progressive approach’

  1. You say you will represent our interests in the best way you can.OK which side of the AJAX proposition do you support?Do you only support those who oppose the mine?? or those who want the mine????.I don’t think you can go both ways.I think you must qualify your messages of support.This project has had the biggest impact on the public since I moved to Kamloops over forty years ago.

  2. Catherine Churchill // September 4, 2017 at 2:56 PM // Reply

    What is your opinion of the Ajax Mine proposal?

  3. He says all the right things, but can he deliver ? Especially as a councilor.

  4. Pierre Filisetti // September 4, 2017 at 7:32 AM // Reply

    And before I forget, what is your take on the KAM curse?

  5. Pierre Filisetti // September 4, 2017 at 6:56 AM // Reply

    The background you have it sure is of interest. I wonder what you consider important elements for quality of life. Because a clean, welcoming, well functioning city is attractive to the ones more willing and able to make our city prosper.
    And so you know changing the “culture” and “attitudes” among the 700-plus city employees (including management) is going to take a considerable effort…it may be easier to make the earth spin the other way.

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