FEATURED COMMENT – Candidates must get the word out on who they are

(Image: Civic election file photo.)

Cynthia Ross Friedman, I think you do need to get your ideas out there, somehow. A non-campaign is just that, a NON campaign. I know what to expect if Ken Christian gets voted in – more of the same as what we have had from him – but I have no idea what to expect if you are voted in as mayor. To many of us, the known is much more comfortable than the unknown. The more we can learn about you, and what your vision is for our City, the more of a chance you have of getting our vote.

I don’t see anything wrong about being against the ‘machinery’ of politics, BUT, by any means, find a different way to get your message – on where you stand and what you stand for – to us, but make sure we get it so that we may share your confidence in both your vision for our City and Council business, and in how you would put those into practice. Anything less is disrespectful to your platform, the voters, and the office you aspire to.

As an aside, I welcomed your entry into the race, and had been looking forward to hearing solid reasons to vote for you – so far, I only know you are against Ajax, and that you have entered the race. Despite wanting to vote for you, I need something to shore up that inclination before I mark my ballot.

The election race is like a very, very, long interview, and the voters are the hiring manager. Sell yourself and your ideas and methods of putting them into place, or let the other guy get the job. At this point, it is all up to you, not us, to build your résumé, get it into our hands, and make sure it is worth reading. There are a lot of us who are not out and about, and rely on social media, brochures or flyers to get our interest sharpened.


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2 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Candidates must get the word out on who they are

  1. Except for Ms. Cynthia Ross Friedman, who seems to be doing a good job through FB, but little in the three day a week newspaper, I have not seen or heard from the other candidates for mayor or city council. There has been no physical advertising (probably a good thing, not polluting the environment) and one short blurb in the KTW announcing the fact that they are standing for election. At this point, it would appear that they are not putting much money into running, but I suppose that is a good thing. But as mentioned by the author of the author of our featured comment, people running for office have to sell themselves, and I have seen only person willing to place themselves in the public eye. Good on her.

    • Cindy Ross Friedman // July 30, 2017 at 12:52 AM // Reply

      I suppose I have been somewhat facetious: by running a non-campaign, I do have one regardless, sheerly via its nonconformity. And I certainly have ideas, many of which have been taken up by Council candidates. I most definitely want you to know what these ideas are (although I still do not understand how standing by the side of the road with my name on a sign and me waving is at all useful. In fact, I think it is dangerous. Ahem. Anyway…)

      But most platforms comprise boring buzzwords. Platforms are platitudes. I need to not spout “feel good baloney”, but instead think differently. How about fast-tracking that Singh Street bridge to enhance the North Shore/South Shore connection? Preparing the McGill corridor for the boom anticipated via the TRU Reach? Having recycling contests where we are rewarded for effective separation? Windrow removal modifications on our current snowplows funded by solar power? Solar fields? Industry incubator at Stuart Wood? A centre for fire prevention training? Solar sidewalks for Barnhartvale? Recognition as the most beautiful xeroscaped public space in the world? Seniors home slash daycare? I could go on and on and on. What is my “platform”? My platform is a non-platform. I want to get our job done. I can lead, but I cannot do it without full input from our citizens.

      Scientists are not politicians by nature, but darn it, we can be political and forge new methods.

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