GINTA – The time for trade offs should be behind us

Another smoky sunrise in the B.C. Interior. (Image: Mel Rothenburger)

IT’S A SMOKY morning in Kamloops and about to get smokier still, judging by the large plume riding down the North Thompson.

I took the dog out for a walk but we’re both slowing down our usual pace on days like today. It’s more work to take each breath in. I think of people struggling with respiratory disease on a good day (my youngest included). It is only mid-July and summer is still unfolding as we speak. More wildfires to come.

Will next year be the same? Worse? Better? How about the one after? That we cannot foresee the future, let alone create a better one, is a sobering thought. At the same time, one could argue, we do have a say in what is to come. With some margin for error (and growing every year,) but still.

So, the smoke. Particulate matter is hell on earth for all of us.


Daniela Ginta is a mother, scientist, writer and blogger. She can be reached at, or through her blog at

1 Comment on GINTA – The time for trade offs should be behind us

  1. You are so correct when you say we are bursting at the seams on this planet. I cannot understand why we still seem to feel that we need more people when this world cannot feed the ones that exist. The more people, the more pollution and the need to razz down the earth’s lungs, the forests, to produce more land when the land becomes unfertile from overuse. We in the Western world need several vehicles, huge homes, every toy our minds can invent. The people in the Third World have so overpopulated their countries they are now flooding Europe and Western countries to also be part of the better life. Why does every city seem to be in a competition for growth, growth does not mean wealth and a better life style for all, it can mean ghettos and poverty also. We need to stop encouraging people to have so many children or those children and their children will be living in a very different world than we can imagine.

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