FEATURED COMMENT: BC Liberals not the only ‘fiscally responsible’ party

Remember the ‘Fast Ferries’?

Re: Fraser Institute column, ‘How will B.C.’s NDP pay for deal with Greens?’

Why doesn’t this editorial ask what a liberal balanced budget looks like? They don’t have anymore railroads to sell. Will they keep stealing “dividends” and debt transfers from BC Hydro and ICBC?

What about all the small things that add up, like how much does it cost to renew your drivers license? Small user fees like that have been increasing a lot the past decade or so. Maybe they can increase the MSP some more?

And let’s not forget which party actually implemented the carbon tax in the first place, long before any kind of federal mandate was on the table for that. The NDPs platform has a tax cut for small business from 2.5 to 2%.

I’m so sick of these implications that the BC Liberal party was ever actually “fiscally responsible”. You still hear people bitching and complaining about the fast ferry “boondoggle” in the 90s, as a Kamloopsian, don’t think that Kevin Krueger will ever let you hear the end of it; but when the new Port Mann bridge goes 500 million over its “bottom line, not gonna cost us anymore” price, you don’t hear any bleep about it in the media.

The Fast Ferries cost us 400 million by the way. To conclude, why do we only ever see columns from the Fraser institute on your site Mel? Why is there never a counter point coming from the Broadbent institute or something? Not that an unbiased opinion really exists out there, but where’s the other side of the story?


Note: Good idea, I try to provide a range of opinions, left to right. I will see if I can get access to some of the Broadbent Institute’s material.

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3 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT: BC Liberals not the only ‘fiscally responsible’ party

  1. Party politics should be banned in Canada. Every election, we should pick a Premier, Prime Minister, and the rest of both houses should be independents. That is the only way to insure that there would have to be collaboration, and thoughtfulness put into our legislation, and that the people would be listened to. No more dictatorships, or politicians that ignore us as soon as they are elected.

  2. For 400 million they could build bridges from Vancouver Island to the mainland at Campbell river. Charge a toll like the Coq, and then we wouldn’t feel like we were being held hostage out here on the Rock.

  3. tony brumell // June 24, 2017 at 3:10 PM // Reply

    Lets not forget who owns most of the media outlets in Canada and which way they lean, politicaly.The Pattisons and the Blacks of this planet can and do control what you hear and see.Witness the zero coverage of visits to Kamloops by notables like Naomi Klien, David Suzuki and Maude Barlow.
    The Liberals will not raise taxes on industry because it might piss off some of their corporate buddies.Industry needs the best government they can buy and wouldn’ t stand for a higher corporate tax rate.
    That well know corporate freak show named D Trump has decided to lower the US Corporate tax rate to 15% from 32%( plus or minus).If Trump thinks that 15% is great for his friends and to hell with medical coverage and sustainable food and to hell with the environment and climate change impacts,maybe 15 % wouldn’t be so bad for Canada or BC.As of now I believe our corporate tax rate is around 11%.If it was increased to 15 % the hundreds of millions of dollars that would become available ,along with the death of Site “C” and other stupid unnecessary megaprojects the NDP could easily have along term.stable,balanced government. with out the Libs “deferred”debt.
    Until we get off this stupid merry go round of majority dictaterships the sooner we will have sustainable services and environment.

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