NEWSTROM – More about God, quantum mechanics and Janis Joplin


AS I TOUR Kamloops business districts open to quantum-civic engagement (or trouble) knowing I am in lust of mindy (new word) connectivity, a gentle tension masses. I studiously avoid crosswalks, J-walk everywhere and ponder the morning’s readings.

The insight that God is playing with my mind disturbs. It is surprising to see I am writing about God and quantum mechanics in the same breath.

When I wrote my last column Super Search had three million entries for quantum mechanics and Him. Apparently He has deleted about 1,050,000…this is rude.

That’s okay, God. I don’t believe in you anyway. Until I have to. Call me Pascal.

Even at 1,950,000 Super Search entries I have Him on my side. The first page gives headings such as:

  • Does Quantum Physics Prove God’s Existence?
  • How Quantum Physics Proves God’s Existence
  • Does Quantum Physics Make it Easier to Believe in God?
  • Can Quantum Physics Explain God?
  • Quantum Physics and God

The next day we were down to a million. You get the idea, God is omnipresent but playing hide and seek.

One of these questions that interested me was written by investigative journalist Peter Baksa.

In his treatment he uses the term, “in the natural” which for now I suggest we take for naturally occurring. More on this in a bit.

In understanding this swirling ball of energy and matter that we live in it is worthy to see how the work of different physicists can be brought together.

Albert Einstein is one, but many of us have not heard of another brilliant and formidable scientist, Max Planck. (1858-1947)

Planck studied the behavior of light waves and how they move in packets. They are like your vehicle in motion on the freeway. There are no half cars or parts trucks moving. Each vehicle is a unit unto itself. Light moves in and out of matter in wholly contained packets.

Although Planck’s thinking led to a revolution that contradicted and replaced Newtonian physics, quantum theory, the two scientists did not always agree. Einstein did not accept quantum physics.

I am not a scientist, neither apparently, is Peter Baksa. Yet Baksa helps us to understand (as non-scientists) how light (the tiny energy wave oscillations that allow us to see, live and breath) do not contradict Einstein’s claim that matter is made of that same energy.

Is this what Janis Joplin meant when she sang, “Oh, it’s all the same damn thing.” Perhaps. Get back to me on that, will you?

From this Baksa explains that the whole universe, including you and me, “…are all made up of constrained light”. Constrained, I assume, means that light leaves and enters our bodies and objects in ‘discrete packets’.

Baksa goes on to claim, “The formation of matter in our reality is, at its essence, the result of (our own) brain waves.”

These packets of brain/light waves, energy frequencies and masses of molecules (us) interact and display a newly discovered but specific equality.

This, Baksa says, is why the world around us, “…returns what we are projecting out…” in our thinking. He adds that this is our consciousness and it can be measured.

I think this is what Baksa means by, “in the natural.”

Although Baksa has not given me any units or measuring devices at this writing I am more than willing to accept (of course we see it all around us) that consciousness gives cause to, actualizes, institutes…our realities, both personal and collective.

Take that, you birthers, holocaust deniers, climate change deniers and politicians! Get ready to be measured up!

Oh, by the way…that math course I took last semester…I forgot to tell you…I got 83 per cent which is an A minus. No I didn’t say animus. I don’t hate math. I love math.

Elon Newstrom is a Kamloops resident with a curiosity about the human brain.













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1 Comment on NEWSTROM – More about God, quantum mechanics and Janis Joplin

  1. -Hey Newsty, I leave you to read to the last in the morning’s pursuits for erudition, simply because one can journey in so many directions, in Loops yet!

    You have in fact -may I say it that way: ‘fact'(?)- involved ‘ourselves’ (namely, us) in this brain plasticity idea…thing, er, common denominator….(fellowship).

    -And by the way (besides starting a sentence with ‘and’), according to your quote of Janis Joplin, “(It’s) all the same damn thing.” vis a vis your reference to the Almighty:

    if it was all the same everywhere and in everything, then, you’d have another point reference for your above list: “Quantum Mechanics is God”… (And) Yet it’s not and He isn’t -although traits of our Maker are found within the fundamentals therein, as are we.

    [Why?] well…because we share in His likeness. -Unfathomable, Huh? ! _Share_ in His image; some sort of reflectivity going on there…as is quantum mechanics…! Er, Whoops: some sort of cognitive loopy thing going on there as well -like, some type of mental assertion based on a creative act, promulgated in effect by God Himself, to which we bear resemblance, or as Janis would’ve said,
    (Paraphrased herein) “Hey now, Come and take another piece of my heart now baby.”
    …”You_ know_ you_ got_ ( ) : If_ it_, ‘Makes you feel good….'”

    [ This would be our 1960’s prayer to God in light of His love and grace towards us.
    He, herein, would the line, ‘baby.’ and this ( ) would be whatever you’re getting out of life that brings you some peace or as Williams James said, ‘satisfactoriness.’

    -Now don’t _that_ make the plasticity contort ! ? ]
    {Note, in a continuation on this theme:About William James: I never liked the Rolling Stones.}

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