EDITORIAL – Small blessings: RIH parkade stall numbers that make sense

(Image: Mel Rothenburger)

An Armchair Mayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

WHEN ONE bitches about something, it’s only fair that one acknowledges when a correction has been made.

So it is with the Royal Inland Hospital parkade. I don’t mean that the stupid pay-before-you-park system is any less stupid than it ever was — some things don’t change.

However, about four months ago I griped about the ridiculous stall-numbering system in the Clinical Services Building parkade. I surmised that there must have been a lot of focus-group discussion around how to come up with the dumbest stall-numbering system possible.

Stalls on level P1 were numbered 1 to 68, those on level P2 were 69 to 163, those on P3 were 164-258 and those on P4 were 259-350.

As one who tends to remember where I’ve parked based on the stall number, I frequently found myself wandering around the parkade looking for my lost vehicle.

But then, a wonderful thing happened. During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been visiting a family member in hospital. One day, I discovered they’ve changed the stall numbers, which now correspond to the level on which you’ve parked. So if you’re on level P!, your stall number is 100-something. And if on level P2, 200-something, and so on.

Whoever the “they” are within the mysterious democracy of our health-care system actually figured it out. I’m not sure when it happened, because there was no press conference, no press release, no ribbon cutting, no cake — but there should have been.

Because it proves that somebody, somewhere in that system is able to think.

Now if only they could do something about people at the pay-parking kiosk who insist on letting their grand-kids each push a number, and a letter, and a number, and put in a coin, and another coin, and on and on, then discover they’re a nickel short, while the lineup grows….

But no, let’s be grateful for this one small blessing — stall numbers that make sense.


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4 Comments on EDITORIAL – Small blessings: RIH parkade stall numbers that make sense

  1. Hallelujah!! It really was stupid. Now do you suppose the parking lot fairies could fix the way you pay, too?

  2. Trevor Jackson // May 29, 2017 at 10:06 AM // Reply

    In the UK recently we came across a parking system which seems to work well: A camera records your licence plate when you enter the lot, then as you go to leave you key in the number at a kiosk and it tells you how much you owe, and you pay by cash or card. Your plate is scanned as you leave to confirm exit in a reasonable time. If the camera system is considered unreliable, keying in at entry could be substituted. They also have systems of electronic signs as you enter a town which advise of the space available in the various lots – saves unnecessary ‘lot touring’.

  3. Grouchy 1 // May 29, 2017 at 8:21 AM // Reply

    ” Because it proves that somebody, somewhere in that system is able to think. ”

    And as soon as they root out who that was, they will be fired. There’s absolutely no room in the bureaucracy that is IHA for such radical behavior. After all, it might encourage more of the same, and then jobs could be in danger.

  4. Because it proves that somebody, somewhere in that system is able to think…occasionally but not on a grand-er scale.
    BTW, what’s up with all that vacant storefront? And as a small aside, what’s with that ugly, barely attended landscaping?

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