FEATURED COMMENT – It’s dangerous to drive below posted speed limit

(Image: Govt of B.C. photo)

Re: Daniela Ginta column, ‘Why slow is good’:

Although I agree that driving like a madman/woman is dangerous, it is equally dangerous to drive below the posted speed limits as this backs up traffic and angers not only the maniacal drivers but also the ones who travel at the speed limit.

This creates animosity and anger and makes people pass dangerously on blind corners and pass long lines of traffic. I say, if you feel the need to drive slowly and drink in the beauty that is B.C., pull over and let the drivers who want to get where they’re going by.


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4 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – It’s dangerous to drive below posted speed limit

  1. I don’t remember anything in her column suggesting folks drive below the posted speed limit. It is rare to see anyone doing the posted speed limit on the coq, most are going well above that.

  2. tonybrumell // May 23, 2017 at 6:52 PM // Reply

    Speed limits are supposed to be a scientifically established safe speed.The roads are built to sustain those speeds.Therefore it is only a suggestion that you can drive at that speed .It is not an order to do so.
    Mr Stone seems to think that getting “There ” faster is the most important issue on the Hwy.His latest increase has wrought higher danger levels,greater costs for accident results and more nervous “slower” drivers.
    The speed limit is just that “a limit” not an order.Maybe “they ” should make it illegal to look at the scenery in BC,because it might be equivalent of distracted driving.Having an unsafe top limit simply says “faster is better” and enables the speed demons to drive dangerously and stupidly.
    On the other hand if you must drive 20 K below the limit perhaps you should have your four way flashers on.Many of the big rigs do this because they are often20 or 30 K under the max and their four ways indicate “DANGER” and other drivers must look out for it and act accordingly

  3. No one suggested driving below the posted speed limits but unfortunately some do and it is pointless and very frustrating trying to call the authorities.
    The problem is a noticeable amount of motorist drive well beyond the posted limits…if I just could take their plate number…

  4. Sandra Burkholder // May 23, 2017 at 5:43 AM // Reply

    So, we must drive at 120km/hr with no regard to the potholes, weather, or wildlife on the road, or even our comfort level at those speeds? And, since when do the maniacal drivers get to dictate driving behaviors anyway? It’s a speed limit, not a speed must-do-no-matter-what. Since the speed limit was raised from 110 km/hr it’s almost more than your life is worth to drive the Coq since about 80% of drivers automatically add a police radar escape probability of 15 km/hr, figuring they can get away with 135 km/hr on any given day. I’m all for discouraging those doing 60 km/hr on the Coq…but seriously, if somebody is going 100 km/hr, get off their tail and chill out until you can pass (that’s what that second lane is for). If you need to get to Vancouver that fast on a regular basis, get on a plane. The carbon footprint isn’t that far away from the fuel you’re burning going like a madman/madwoman across the mountain passes at stupid speeds anyways.

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