EDITORIAL – Let’s not be too hasty in nudging the Royals out the door

Official portrait of the Queen and Prince released on his 95th birthday.

An Armchair Mayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

PRINCE PHILIP is stepping down from public duties. Retiring, basically. One can’t fault him for that – he’s 96.

Exactly what he’s retiring from isn’t always clear, except for a lot of ribbon cutting, luncheons, handing out awards for this and that, and small talk with his subjects at public events. Still, he’s been very good at it. Royals watchers marvel at his stamina for public engagements.

When someone remarked to him that they were sorry he was standing down, he reportedly answered, “Well, I can’t stand up much longer.”

He hasn’t always been the favourite Royal, making a name for himself with overly candid and not always endearing remarks. One thing about him, though, he’s always spoken plainly to people’s face, not behind their backs, whether it be disparaging remarks about their weight, their attire or even their choice of cars.

Word is that Prince Edward and his wife Sophie are being prepared to take over from the Prince.

Question is, do we really need anyone to take over for him? Do we, in fact, need the Royal Family at all?

Maybe this is the time to re-examine this whole monarchy thing. Just let them gracefully exit, one by one.

Many would agree with that concept, but there’s good reason to keep the Royals. Aside from being jolly good entertainment from time to time, they’re symbolic of our — yes, including Canada — history, of our sense of purpose, stiff upper lip, our values, in fact.

They’re a national past-time, and a connection among Commonweath nations. We love them like crazy. Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re something we’ve got that no one else does.

Let’s not be too hasty to nudge them out the door.

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5 Comments on EDITORIAL – Let’s not be too hasty in nudging the Royals out the door

  1. Get rid of the lot. They don’t represent anything I would want to emulate. Uneducated. Freeloaders. And Canada is no longer made up of primarily folks of British ethnicity. Canada has grown up. We are multi-dimentional, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and finally beginning our journey for Truth and Reconcilliation with our First Nations. The Royalty doesn’t reflect Canada.

  2. My only desire is this, the Queen has taken a place in my list of those to admire, I trust her to outlive me so that I never have to see Charles step into her role, if only we could skip a generation, imagine having to look at that dour face for years, and in turn respect the Camilla, my friend has a cat named Camilla and I respect the cat much more than I do the real item.
    Long, long live the Queen.

  3. james thompson // May 9, 2017 at 8:34 AM // Reply

    Heard this many years ago–“Freedom wears a crown”

    • Freedom for whoms?
      The British have been the most murderous regime in the history of mankind.

  4. Do we need this Royalty, you ask? -I think, generally, the world has had some basic stability pronounced from the Monarchy, which more countries (and people) than Canada alone would say has been a great help against an onslaught of political fickleness we find throughout every generation. Hence, do we need certain senses of stability, globally speaking…at what little cost it is to any of us to create as nations on our own?

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