GINTA – Why everyone’s vote is vital

OUR DAYS are rife with politics. News, campaign bites, signs abounding. Provincial elections coming up! Wednesday night found me listening to Elizabeth May at the Double Tree Hilton hotel downtown.

No matter your colours, politically speaking, an admirable and inspiring presence like Ms. May’s transcends all of that. She has a straight backbone and accountability. We need more politicians like her to help restore people’s trust that things can turn out better after all.

We can get ourselves there on May 9, or between May 3 to 6, if you prefer advance voting. Please get out and vote. Voting is, at once, the right, duty and chance that can see us building a better future.

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1 Comment on GINTA – Why everyone’s vote is vital

  1. -Daniela, I read your entire article…Query:
    -How long would it take to turn an entire economy around into a sustainable basis of both the continued creation of employment and the need to secure appropriate new fiduciary capacity, that would clearly maintain adequate (long term) currency rates in Canada -competitive within a much larger world system of economic growth and prosperity; which foremost gives freedom to all participating individuals? Could, in Canada (geographically speaking, as comparison to say Germany’s environmental changes and new levels of ‘green’ employment based on its geographical size and prior technocratic momentum) even master an even and smooth transitional ‘change over,’ so to speak… seeing that the provinces, per se, (even today) do not even have clear regulatory inter-trade between them as one body -as they protect their individual labour forces and competitiveness up against a floating dollar valuation of the overall country itself?
    -Green is something to be passionate about indeed…not, I believe, something to be totally compassionate about, as that level affects people’s very livelihoods over the very basis of their ability to exist. Ie. If you cannot, other than talk about the need of change, have the underlying actual financial levers to move and control an economy (in place beyond ideas), there is no point calling people to throw their vote towards parties whom simply ‘want’ to see ‘that’ change. Et al, Mays-Hines, etc. Hence, the platform of the Greens must, indeed, be bigger and _more_ comprehensive than the on-going parties under industrial-resource economics we gain currency valuation and business involvement today. (Note: This precludes any support for the local mining idea, as _that_ simply is a bad idea for the Kamloops area in any respect.)

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