LETTER – Following a film-industry dream right here in Kamloops

Hello, I am here to talk a little bit about the growing film industry in B.C., how it inspires Young People and gives them a opportunity to follow their dreams.

I find myself being one of those young people. At 20 years old and growing up on Vancouver Island I recently moved to Kamloops in February 2016. With this especially cold winter I found myself with enough time to fulfill something I had dreamt about for years, starting my Indie Film Career.

Seeing how the movie industry is moving into B.C. like never before, such as the new Power Rangers Film being shot downtown Kamloops not too long ago, it seemed like the right time to kick things off. I believe I am not alone and that other people like myself will be inspired and start making their dreams come true, citizens of Kamloops being no exception.

Quinton Foote.
Quinton Foote.

Now I’d like to talk about myself and the other youth of Kamloops to explain what I talked about previously. Film has been the greatest passion for the largest part of my life as I know it is for so many others. The fact it is so important for people to sit down at the end of the day and turn on a movie or the TV to relax and space out is a main reason why I love it so much. I believe film and television have a unique ability to draw in the viewers and allow them to explore the story or a topic in a way other media do not. It sucks them from their current reality and gives them a whole new world to explore. It makes people happy!

So now for my project. I have been working on it everyday, every evening, and every spare moment I have had for the last two months. But I have been dreaming about something like this for much longer. It draws off a little piece of lore that I knew would be the perfect starting point for creating a whole Universe around. It is called There Can Only Be Two. My story brings something I love very much into something I and so many others want to turn into a career and lifestyle. That being a Star Wars Fan Film. After the reboot of the Franchise and Disney still encouraging Fan Films just as George Lucas did it seemed like the perfect time to add to the Star Wars Story with my own Story.

I think there are many people who share similar ideas and passions with me. I have a few friends from Kamloops who were extremely eager to contribute in anyway possible as the venture is exciting for all.

Below are some links to a campaign and Facebook Page for the Fan Film.





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