LETTER – Consistency with parking meters would be a good thing

parking-arena-filisetti-31jan2017Is my vision blurred? How can it be that in this day and age the parking kiosk behind the hockey arena is completely different than the ones along downtown streets?

Consistency would be a good thing. A really good thing!


Editor’s Note: My feelings exactly. See “Is it too much to ask for a single parking-payment system?”



  1. The meters downtown are controlled by the city. The parking behind the arena , is most likely controlled by Impark, who use their own meters.

  2. Leave these meters alone ! They’re easy to use and far better than the video game system we bought for the bylaw techies.

  3. And by-the-way, that parking lot (behind the hockey arena with the good roof) was almost empty.
    Not the first time either I park down there. It is always mostly empty.
    Once again it goes to show (remember the ill-consived mega parking proposal for Riverside park) how important it is we, the citizens, need to keep a very close eye to the decision makers.
    Because bad decisions cost money and stick around for a long time.
    And lastly, the parking meters in the downtown streets are still a supreme pain in the arse to use. See what I was saying earlier?

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