EDITORIAL – Woe is me, whatever will happen to Kamloops City council?

Can council work short-handed?

I DON’T remember when Kamloops City council has been in such a state of functional uncertainty as it is now.

melcolhed-sep2016There have been times in its history, to be sure, when council members could barely stand to be in the same room with each other.

There was one notorious day when the then-City administrator was asked in a public meeting to read out the law that gave council authority to fire him.

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  1. It is my impression you Mel R. Is the only one truly concerned with lesser-than-presently-too-many at the table. Which kinds of makes me wonder about an op-piece you wrote a while back advocating for a lesser number for good. Which is it?

    • Read the editorial again: “Besides, I’ve often said City council would be better with fewer members — less yakking, quicker decisions, cheaper to run. We’ll have a chance to find out.”

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