LETTER – If we want cost recovery for bad choices, apply a ‘Silly-Clause’

Lose a few fingers? Sorry, the Silly-Clause applies.
Lose a few fingers? Sorry, the Silly-Clause applies.

There are those who believe responding to drug abuses and drug overdoses is unduly taxing the community’s healthcare, emergency response, law enforcement and social systems. The message in a nutshell is those who do drugs should shoulder the consequences including all related costs. After all, it’s no secret what drugs can do to you.

To be fair it is safe to say there are times when we all have wondered, “how could I have been so stupid”? Singling out only one sector to foot the bills for recklessness isn’t kosher.

If the road we are headed down is cost recovery we need legislation. Let’s call it a “Silly-Clause”. (Sounds a bit like Santa Claus and your getting a lump coal for being a naughty girl or boy.) The Silly-Clause allows the state to claw back the costs related to silly activities. If you do something irresponsible and know better, the Silly-Clause would kick in and you foot the bills.

Auto accident and not wearing your seat belt, you’re asking for the Silly-Clause. Fall off your bike; hit your head and not wearing a helmet, Silly-Clause applies. Drink a little too much B.C. wine and acquire fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis of liver, rollout the Silly-Clause. Remove the guard from your table saw, suddenly missing a few digits, don’t point your finger at me looking for help, you deserve the Silly-Clause. And what about smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle (couch potato) diseases? Why should I pay for your heart attack in a takeout sack?

My country has always applied the Golden Rule and not worried about the gold. Hopefully it isn’t going to change any time soon.





  1. You are a philosopher, Bob and I commend your wise-ness…let it be inspirational!
    The silly-clause is a fantastic idea and the time is past due for its implementation.

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