EDITORIAL – B.C. Liberal government’s good-news machine finely tuned

(BC Govt photo)

(BC Govt photo)

An ArmchairMayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

IT’S NOT HARD to find fault with the BC Liberals on a lot of stuff but I think there’s one thing on which we can all agree — their PR machine is first-rate.

melcolhed-sep2016The slightest hint of anything that could be called good news for the government instantly turns into a media release or a full-scale media conference, or both, complete with photos, video, speeches, a ribbon-cutting and one of those ever-present “Putting British Columbians First” podium signs with slogans about “Modernizing” and “Building” and “Connecting” and “Partnering” and “Inspiring” and “Engaging” and “Supporting.”

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5 Comments on EDITORIAL – B.C. Liberal government’s good-news machine finely tuned

  1. {Just found other article [below; hours ago] on the Internet after reading your article herein. -Claims are: ‘It’s the original.,’ -before your fake one appeared on the CFJC web-site. !}

    “The slightest hint of anything that could be called gospel for the government of the day always turns into a full-scale press ballyhoo and conference -complete with photos, video, speeches, a ribbon-cutting. As always,“Putting British Columbians First” podium signs with slogans about “Modernizing” and “Building” and “Connecting” and “Partnering” and “Inspiring” and “Engaging” and “Supporting” appear healthily distributed.

    The flacks (I’d say f _ _ ks, yet I’m not herein able), must really work over-time Googling synonyms, as there is known warehouses full of these wonderous signs.

    -Important announcements, yes, about fighting drug addictions and auto insur. rates and the building really big stuff like hospital additions… The more important it is, the more press releases there are emphasizing the same thing. After all, if a good story is worth telling once, best we tell it four times. Yes indeed; yes indeed.

    Editors hard-pressed for content get a helping hand, too. If, for example, there’s a media release headlined, “New program helps first-time homebuyers in Kamloops,” you know there will be another headlined, “Same program helps poor people in Prince George.” and another in Penticton, also about…”this related swell stuff.”
    Just copy and paste, ‘It’s news, people!’

    Nothing big or small escapes the eagle eyes and ready pens of the current party, as good-news reigns. A grant, a contract or award, a word changed on an agricultural food label and, you bet it’s worth four good press releases. Wording reiteration allowed, namely, ‘Go big or go home.’

    Some people say it’s too much, it’s all political, a waste of time and money. Humbug and all that us editors say.

    I too say, ‘I’ll take this exemplary, plausible fixation with telling us way too much, over the alternative.;’ I also say, ‘Bring it on. Feed me. -If I’m not interested in what the government is doing about a given thing on a given day, I can ignore it. It will never fool me into thinking I’ve got democracy….’

    Yes, I’ll take too much information over too real information; every time.” !

    • Mel Rothenburger // December 22, 2016 at 10:46 AM // Reply

      I like my version better than your re-write. But, seriously, the point is not whether you or I agree with BC Liberal policy or decisions, or think everything they do is good. Of course the ruling party is going to focus on the positive, and we’re free to agree or not, and to challenge it. The point is, I’d rather be swamped with information than wonder what the government is doing.

  2. “Just copy and paste, news people!”
    Sadly this is the result of this over-provide by governments and corporations. What these sources do not say is much more important as indicated by the track records of these governments and corporations on how they behave / act / continue business as usual. What are they hiding or doing while blowing their horns about their trivia?
    The investigative reporter is extremely rare. It’s great to have Rafe Mair with his CommonSenseCanadian, and the Tyee people, to encourage us and tell us what the “usual suspect sources” don’t want is to know so we CAN do something about our concerns.

  3. Sorry, could not read the full blog, (read more) not working.

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