EDITORIAL – B.C.’s liquor law reforms just keep getting dumb and dumber

(B.C. Govt photo)
(B.C. Govt photo)

JUST GREAT. Now we can look forward to riding the hotel elevator with a drunk guy sucking back a gin and tonic.

melcolhed-sep2016John Yap, the Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Policy Reform, announced the latest liquor-law changes on Wednesday — hotel guests will soon be able to carry drinks from the hotel bar or restaurant back to “the comfort of their room.”

Not only that, hotels and resorts will be allowed to offer guests a drink when they check in. Welcome to our hotel, sir, have a shot of rye.

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  1. “Welcome to ‘Boo-tiful… Boozy, Brit-ash Colummmmm-bee-ahhh,’ ” says the more or less cross-eyed fellow on the elevator as he gets on; he, then, leans in to get a better read on our face…appropriately; minding to not spill the drink he has in one hand and trying to get a sense of demeanour to his statement by continually breathing on you, wobbling around in semi-circles, and looking you semi-straight in the eye; quizzically.

    -You get off on your floor and he… falls over -still staring at the place you were standing.

    The door, then, closes on… _That_ Idea. !

  2. I support being able to buy liquor in any store that chooses to sell it. Look at the US, they have been doing it for many years without an issue. As for being able to drink it almost anywhere you choose, that’s a whole different ball of wax. The barbershop, hairdresser, in the elevator in a hotel…. that’s just plain stupid.

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