HARRISON – Ellard case raises questions about conjugal visits

Kelly Ellard. (Screengrab, CTV)

Kelly Ellard. (Screengrab, CTV)

AS OUR CRITICS love to point out, we’re often out of step with what’s considered normal in these so-called modern more enlightened times.

harrisonhed-sep2016We think people ought to be responsible for themselves, work for what they get, and not wait for handouts, and not be blaming government for everything that goes wrong in their lives.

We also think there ought to be accountability and just punishment for those who break the law, and hurt others. Indeed we don’t see prison time so much as rehabilitation, but think it should be an element approaching punishment to fit the crime.

We don’t know of many people who want to be behind bars, but given the amenities they give inmates these days, there may be worse places.

And we get that there has to be a focus on preparing some of these people for their eventual release back into society, so there may be some justification for conjugal visits for inmates who have a spouse and family on the outside.

What’s more difficult to fathom is how the correctional system could extend those conjugal visits to Kelly Ellard, the young woman who beat Rina Virk to death and is serving a prison sentence.

Ellard is not married to the former inmate she was granted conjugal visits with, but as you may have heard last week, she is now pregnant with what appears to be his child.

We’re not sure how allowing a man on parole and a jailed killer to covort will prepare either for life after prison but we’re almost certain this will leave the byproduct of their trysts with an uncertain future, and very likely to be a further burden on the taxpayer.

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1 Comment on HARRISON – Ellard case raises questions about conjugal visits

  1. From the worst situations and poor choices, the outcome can be good.
    The person growing inside of Kelly Ellard has done no wrong. She or he does not deserve a death sentence. There is a choice.
    Somewhere, a couple is unable to have a child of their own. The child Kelly is now carrying can bring the promise of new life to someone else. Maybe Kelly will never have the chance to be a good parent but someone else can.

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