HARRISON – Council’s Ajax decision like a scene from Dumb and Dumber

City HallTHE MOVIE is Dumb and Dumber, and they’ve made two versions now. If they’re thinking about a third, we have a number of actors on Kamloops Council who would be a good fit for the starring characters.

harrisonhed-sep2016The decision to waste $200,000 of the taxpayers money to finish their independent study of the KGHM Ajax mine application takes the cake.

It’s bad enough the City accepted $300,000 from Ajax to hire a consultant to do exactly the job the provincial and federal governments are doing in assessing the mine application.

But now SLR Consulting says it needs more cash to finish this exercise in redundancy, and the dummies on council have agreed to it. Why throw good money after bad to find out exactly the same information, or possibly less than the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office is reviewing, and will factor into its decision, and which will be used by the federal government to come to its decision? It’s beyond comprehension.

If this is an attempt to demonstrate that council is looking after the interests of its citizens, it’s failing on every level. As the mayor so correctly pointed out, this is all about some council members playing politics, and engaging in fear mongering and demonstrating their distrust of the processes senior governments have in place that are intended to represent the best interests of the citizens of Kamloops.

Deciding to blow more money suggests these petty politicians can’t make the tough decisions, and are more interested in playing political games, than in guarding the welfare of the citizens of Kamloops. November 2018 can’t come soon enough.

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11 Comments on HARRISON – Council’s Ajax decision like a scene from Dumb and Dumber

  1. The presence of asbestos at the mine site would probably have been mentioned in the federal, provincial or the first 300,000 dollars worth of report don’t you think? This can be studied forever. If the proposal is examined in minute enough detail, problems will be found. The previous mine on this site would have had some issues more than likely. There will be inconveniences. The decision to be made is; are the issues sufficient to offset the economic benefit to Kamloops and residents. Clearly some people believe not. Others are not sure and some feel the benefit outweighs the inconvenience. As for dangers from the mine, I doubt very much any government agency wants to tie itself to a dangerous mine. The same goes for the company.

  2. I agree the $200,000 is a waste. We have more than enough information at this stage for council to make an informed decision and come out against this ridiculous project. Enough is enough.

  3. Harrison….another article from you that’s more intended to aggravate readers and increase your ratings than to make any sense. Do you truly believe that our federal and provincial politicians are always acting in the best interests of Kamloops residents? Don’t be so naive! They will easily sacrifice us if there’s any perceived benefit to the province…especially in an election year! I was initially against the City spending any further money but I now agree. We need to be the ones taking action on where our City is heading. My support goes to the councillors that are doing their jobs and truly representing those that have elected them. It’s time for the rest of council to weigh in, if not now, as soon as the report is finished! Ajax is just too close and not worth the risk!

  4. Well, if you trust the process Jim, you’re clearly for the project. In that case, you could have simply said “I’m in favour” and saved yourself all that typing, trying to somehow justify your position.

    I will agree on one thing though – the additional study is a waste of money… because council should have made the decision to oppose it… long ago.

  5. Spot on Jim! Unbelievable waste of taxpayers money. No amount of data will change the minds of people against the mine, but even if it did, what does that mean? Councillors have absolutely no clue!

    • Gotta love the projection from the pro-side. People are against this mine because of the overwhelming amount of data that shows a mine this size will negatively affect Kamloops. Over 800 items of misinformation to be exact. The pro-side is for this mine based on emotion, work history, or lack of objectivity. We have data, you have nothing. I used to be for this mine and know this circle of people. No matter the amount of facts against it, they will always be for it. If you don’t care about Kamloops, please leave.

    • tony brumell // October 27, 2016 at 11:36 AM // Reply

      It might also be said that
      ‘no amount of data will change the minds of those in favour of the mine.The old saying become truer every day.”It may be difficult to win an argument with an intelligent\,knowledgeable person but it is impossible to win any argument with an ignorant individual who will not listen to any opposing source of information”

  6. The inability of Council to make a decision, to detect which way the wind is blowing, to even have to know which way the wind is blowing before they can make a decision reveals a great deal about the individual members of council, the old adage comes to mind “shit or get off the pot”.

  7. “…the processes senior governments have in place that are intended to represent the best interests of the citizens of Kamloops.”
    Was John Doyle an hoax? Was he just fixated with “problems?”
    I think “dumb & dumber” are the ones denying there are serious problems…and they (problems) are not just a misguided perception.

  8. Jim,
    The only comment I can make about Ajax and our council is that I shared a concern I had with more than one member on council and I received a very prompt and educated response from at least councillor.
    If you’d like to use this link provided, Jim, I raised this concern, in written form, and sent it by Express Post mail to the government agency doing the Ajax environmental review. By the way, although I received a prompt response form the council member, I have yet to receive even an acknowledgement of receipt from the other level of government about the concern I raised.

    It has to do with asbestos that was found south of Kamloops a number of years ago. The particular article is in pdf and someone has inscribed “1932” at the top of the document. I believe the article is a government document, so, I would assume that level of government already knew of the presence of asbestos in 1932.
    How close “south of Kamloops” was this asbestos found? Is it still there? Does it pose a health risk to people downwind if the asbestos ore is disturbed and asbestos fibres are carried by the wind into a populated area?
    I understand it can take as long as 25 years for mesothelioma to be diagnosed after a person is exposed to asbestos fibres.
    By that time, the kids who had possibly been exposed to asbestos in elementary school will be adults with families.

    Click to access Asbestos1932.pdf

    Thanks again to the council member who answered my query so quickly!


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