Foul-mouthed blogger takes run at council seat

Kevin Skrepnek stood on the pier at Riverside Park today, hoping the rain would hold off as he announced his intention to try for a seat on City council in November’s civic election.

He wants, he told a baker’s dozen young supporters and media, to become a voice of “cooperation, consensus and common sense” on council.

Skrepnek should, at least, bring some zest into the campaign, though he promised not to repeat “previous transgressions.”

Oh, yes, about those transgressions. His main contribution to politics to date has been the hijacking of federal NDP candidate Michael Crawford’s name in an  Internet domain registration a year and a half ago (this was while working as a constituency assistant for MP Betty Hinton). When he faced some heat over the prank, he conveniently left town for a couple of weeks.

So far he appears to be running his campaign through Facebook, and he’s certainly no stranger to blogging, either. He’s the guy, remember, who used his blog to call Liberal MP Carolynn Parish “a heartless bitch,” to tell political consultant Warren Kinsella to “shut the f— up,” and to refer to himself as “the baddest mother f—– of all time,” not to mention “the best looking.” Plus a few other choice words, and proudly published a picture of himself taken at a Tory convention after too much time at the bar.

But that, the 21-year-old said today, was when “I was young.” He was, he explained, only 17 when he tied one on at the convention, and acknowledged his blog language of the past is not appropriate for someone who hopes to gain the confidence of voters.

All in all, based on his press conference at least, Skrepnek handles himself well. Youthful indiscretions aside, he has some of the natural-born politician in him. He was light on issues, but made his first promise: to flesh out his platform during the campaign.

One wonders, of course, just how he’ll manage his transformation from foul-mouthed blogger to a voice of cooperation on City council. He intends to launch a brand new blog very soon, so maybe that will provide some clues.

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5 Comments on Foul-mouthed blogger takes run at council seat

  1. I saw this porky chap on the news and, quite honestly, he came across as a buffoon. He did not seem familiar with the ‘hot topics’ in Kamloops, he does not have the life experience to make educated decisions on behalf of the citizens and there is his unignorable past actions.

    There is a place for 21 year old kids with the passion for politics, but it is not on Council. Desire and gumption only get you so far, you have to have the knowledge that experience provides to be effective.

  2. It’s a great time in Kamloops for politicians. There are many different viewpoints getting equal space in the media and in conversations going on all over the city. When was the last time that we actually had a “youth candidate” who didn’t want to be classified as a “youth candidate”?

    It should be a fun and exciting election, but we should look at the council that we want and not the council that was available on E-Day. Do we want an open council that has backgrounds in various professions, that whom will bring a varied opinion on how to improve the city for the better and not just to “stay the course”?

    Kevin happens to be 21. He happens to be associated with the young liberals of BC and the Conservative Party of Canada. He also happens to be right on some of his opinions, but wrong on some others. The best part about being in a democracy, is that he happens to be on the ticket for when our city goes to the polls in November to elect the views of the councilors going into the 2010 Olympics and beyond.

    It’s all about the effort!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world Mel. You will definitely will be a welcome addition. Just to pick up on the theme of you highlighting things that are sensational (“foul mouthed blogger”), and perhaps not as substantive, when you say that Kevin’s “main contribution to politcs to date” is his highjacking of Michael Crawford’s namesake web domain, I think that you should his main contribution that got him in the media.

    I know a lot of people do quiet good work in “politics” that never get media attention. I have been impressed with Kevin’s attendance at council meetings, at his participation in public hearings in which he had an interest.

    He is a remarkably young adult and I personally am going to wait for a while before I am ready to say that he is definitively foul mouthed….

    ….I think you title is way to sensational.

    I applaud his putting his name forward.

  4. Robert W Beischer // August 27, 2008 at 10:34 PM // Reply

    I think if we are to look at ill-fitted actions of our elected officials and the consequences there of we need look no further than our very own top official in BC; Mr. Campbell has made a grave mistake with drinking habits and has suffered little backlash…

    So ,Mel, before this is made of any issue lets over look the zealotry of youth and commend Mr. Skepnek’s involvement in a process that has traditionally attracted the older set.

    Having a younger face in the forever changing climate of 21st Century politics is a step in the right direction for any community that wishes to grow. Keep in mind that a past elected official said “Kamloops is full of intelligent, informed people, whose opinions need to be heard. I don’t believe a council can be fully effective unless it acknowledges its duty to consult with the public as it makes its decisions.” Kevin is intelligent, informed but most of all has the fortitude to get off is back end and get involved!!

    I applaud all of the younger set who stand up against the noise of the old stuffed shirts and shout over the cacophony of crows…

    “Here Here Kevin” keep up the great work.

    PS. just in case the quoted official is Mel

  5. Mr. Peter Quitzguard // August 27, 2008 at 9:32 PM // Reply

    I think that he will make a fine addition to city council. Lets not focus on his previous history, he has obviously grown up and as you say is a born politician. If we were to bring up everyone’s history as a youth wouldn’t we all find ourselves much like young Skrepnek? I’m sure that most every politician has had a “few too many” when they were young before really getting serious about their political career (some even still do) and I find unfair to judge somebody just by that. How about, Mr. Rothenburger, we write an article about your youth? And all the things you’ve done in the past? Would that be fair, to judge you on things you have done years in the past? I think not. From this I gather that your article here is of no usefulness at all to the people of Kamloops as they consider their choice for a leader in this town. Lets go into this thinking about who would really do the most to make Kamloops a better place.

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