EDITORIAL – BC Housing continues with its ‘done deal’ approach on shelters

An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

BC HOUSING works in mysterious ways. I mean that both in the sense of being hard to understand, and of operating in an atmosphere of secrecy.

Residents in the Stuart Wood area have received letters telling them the emergency winter shelter in the old elementary school that was supposed to close at the end of March will now continue to operate as a summer shelter through to Nov. 1.

There was no consultation with residents, no announcement for the general population. No request for input. It’s simply a done deal.

The City didn’t know about it until yesterday, when it was told during a council meeting.


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2 Comments on EDITORIAL – BC Housing continues with its ‘done deal’ approach on shelters

  1. John Noakes // April 13, 2023 at 5:56 AM // Reply

    The residents of Westmount received a letter from BC Housing to inform us that Moira House was going to be built. No dialog, no consultation, no respect for any families or way of life for the residents here.
    The odd time when I take a walk by Moira House, it isn’t a surprise to see a line of vehicles on Kingston Avenue consisting of vehicles “connected with” people involved in some way with Moira House. When I asked about the City providing overflow parking for Moira House, there was no reply from any of the experienced councillors who have a great pedigree.
    Three of the incumbents actually gave their stamp of approval for Moira House. One of them is a person I supported during that person’s first run at municipal office. In fact, I carried and delivered election flyers to numerous homes in Westmount. We had an election sign on our boulevard.
    One would think there could have been some kind of push for the people of Westmount who had been persuaded to vote for her just a few years earlier. A vote along side of Denis Walsh could have shown the Westmount folks they had a couple of voices in opposition.
    Oh yes, I forgot; in camera business cannot be disclosed. Experienced, polished politicians know that. It can be used as their protection in times when the general public feels they have been betrayed.

  2. Bob Gamble // April 12, 2023 at 9:01 PM // Reply

    I’ve known a number of Councillors over the years, some became friends, one is presently on Council. I’ve haven’t always agreed with them but I have never questioned their commitment to the community. They all have lengthy pedigrees of giving back. The same can be said for the current Councillors. Google the present Councillors’ resumes, other than the Mayor’s, they’re all outstanding.

    Four of Councillors have Council experience. All four have worked successful with previous Councils. So, what’s changed? The four new Councillors came on Council with blood in their eyes and are leading the veterans astray? Really

    There is no doubt Mayor Jackson has a deep concern for those who have fallen between the cracks. Unfortunately, it is becoming very evident when it comes to governance and leadership Mayor Jackson is lacking. Mayor Jackson can be found daily complaining to Castanet, Kamloops This Week, NL Radio, CBC or whoever will give him a platform to vent. Taking every opportunity to air his dirty laundry. Mayor Jackson seems to have time for the press but doesn’t have time to attend meetings. Mayor Jackson’s actions don’t promote a feeling he has the ability to lead.

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