EDITORIAL – After latest U.S. mass shooting, we should be thankful for our gun laws

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An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING in the U.S., this time in Texas.

An 18-year-old walked into an elementary school Tuesday with a “military-style” rifle and started shooting, killing 19 kids and two adults before he was shot and killed by police.

It was the deadliest mass shooting at an American elementary school since the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut that took 26 lives in 2012. It came less than two weeks after 10 people were gunned down in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

President Joe Biden promptly demanded that something be done — that something being effective gun control.


Mel Rothenburger is a former mayor of Kamloops and a retired newspaper editor. He is a regular contributor to CFJC Today, publishes the opinion website, and is a director on the Thompson-Nicola Regional District board. He can be reached at

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3 Comments on EDITORIAL – After latest U.S. mass shooting, we should be thankful for our gun laws

  1. I just turned the 6 o,clock news off once again. Away too much of it is propaganda that is controlled by a media over which us peasants have absolutely no control. Far too much of it is also repeat stuff from the previous day. Some topics are worn to death including the Uvalde Texas shootings by an 18 year old white dude who looked, along with many others, at totally life like bloody animated carnage on video games and many of todays movies. It,s no wonder to me,who was heavily influenced by Red Ryder,the Lone Ranger,Roy Rogers,the Cisco Kid and a host of other western heros. They were all good guys and seldom killed anyone and there was no blood. It was all fiction of course but I,m afraid Fred Harmon, who gave us Red Ryder and Little Beaver, gave me a lifelong love of single action Colt revolvers and Winchester rifles.
    Have these raw lifelike video games which should be outlawed, been mentioned by the media, Not a word. Texas and many other states have stringent gun control rules already,but it,s all you hear on the news. The wheel and firearms cannot be uninvented but video games can be controlled.I still read westerns by Louis Lamour and make no apoligies for it.

  2. Lets look at who are killing each other here in Canada. Most of it is by imports or their children almost all of whom are associated with gangs which are in the drug trade, There are exceptions like the Bacon bros,home grown and who are known by the police.The guns are smuggled in from abroad,not always from the US. Gun running is a huge international enterprise.

  3. Sean McGuinness // May 25, 2022 at 8:04 AM // Reply

    A day after remembering the 200 victims found in graves near the residential school, many of which were children, we wake up the next day to the news of a mass shooting of young kids at a school in Texas. It’s the 21’st century but it feels like we’ve turned the pages back to a medieval, barbaric chapter of history. How gruesome will the deaths need to be to cure the U.S. of its gun fetish? How many kids need to suffer abuse for the Catholic Church to change its ways? Why does this insanity continue??

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