LETTER – It’s no surprise that crime follows supportive-housing projects

Police cars attending incident at Stuart Wood homeless shelter. (Image: File photo)

Kamloops has transformed into a city with brazen criminal activity, a homeless population that has exploded, and regular infiltration of community neighbourhoods by “supportive” housing projects. It’s of no surprise that crime follows these facilities. The honeypot effect is real. Build it, and they will come.

BC Housing is a blight on communities. No consultation of substance. Look at their own provincial building on Seymour.

Contributing citizens should not have to walk through urine every time they exit their building’s back doors. They should not fear crime or assaults. Every day it seems the news is reporting some type of criminal activity, or complaints from business owners and residents.

I am becoming more and more cynical about homeless persons. If any of these supports helped, we should presume a corresponding reduction of crime, nuisance and malaise.

I used to believe that supports should be provided to homeless persons. These days I would gladly veto any proposal within city limits if given a voice.


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4 Comments on LETTER – It’s no surprise that crime follows supportive-housing projects

  1. I hear a lot of whining but not many possible solutions. How about taking a timeout with the bitching and think of some possible solutions. In my view the homeless issue is by far our biggest municipal problem and all our political leaders have failed us. We need to start thinking of remedies to help lessen this problem and remember the ineptitude of our council and the silence of our MLA’s at the ballot box.

  2. Mel Formanski // December 17, 2021 at 9:44 AM // Reply

    Amen, finally somebody brave enough to say what a lot of us feel but are scared to say anything as we don’t want to be branded heartless and uncaring. I work downtown and witness every day the slow deterioration of our city as far as safety and livability. Some of the homeless are really nice and some are not. I have talked to many of them and they call their friends to come to Kamloops because they get all sorts of handouts they don’t have to earn. A friend told me she gets many calls weekly for assistance from people from out of town and province, who have come here because of the ease of living and all the freebies they can get. Thank you ASK Wellness and BC Housing . Many of the homeless now expect everything for free and get mad if they don’t get it. I have them coming to my office back door to ask for money all the time. When I say no, some of them get very hostile. If I ask if they are willing to work for the money, they leave. A system that helps them earn this privilege would help folks understand there are no free rides in life. We earn what we get. Creating a system that helps folks take pride in themselves and what they do would be a good step in the right direction.

  3. If they are incapable of taking care of their own place, how can they possibly be expected to take care of their satellite ventures?

  4. About time, thank you. We are so at risk now everyday is scarier.
    Do you really think anyone in there right mind would invest in high end housing downtown with these unsafe conditions.
    I won’t build whatever you want if we don’t feel safe it is not gonna happen

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