LETTER – Dr. Henry seems to be winging it week by week on COVID strategy

Good on you for voicing your concerns about Bonnie Henry,  I 100% support you on this.    Until recently,  when her profile was sent to me,  I had thought all along that she was a podiatrist or some other kind of doctor and not one that deals with epidemiology of infectious diseases/contagions.

I am not one of these people who have spent nearly a decade in university and medical school or worked in the medical field but I did get a science degree.

Getting to the point:  I have an awesome doctor in Prince George who i can go to and ask him straight up how things are.   He tells me,  “Greg,  if you’re Bill Gates,  here is your option.   If you have no money,  this is what your option is.   The middle ground is this”.   She should’ve laid out her plans clearly and should still be doing so.

Meanwhile we are literally hiding in our houses,  waiting for the outside world to be better and it’s not getting there.   Being nice to each other for her main plan didn’t work and her back up plan sucks.  I think she’s very lucky (and obviously we are as well)  that the vaccine showed up when it did or with her terrible planning we’d be doomed for sure.   She’s a technical expert but somehow for some reason she’s turning this into a political position.

At no point did Bonnie seem to have a plan that was communicated to us.    She seems to be “winging it” week by week.   I remember how disappointed she was to have a few dozen cases.   now she’s seems ok to have a several hundred cases.

I have a near perfect view of the highway heading towards Vancouver in Dufferin, and during the holiday break,  tens of thousands of vehicles would be driving by daily.  If we were supposed to be staying home,  where were all these people going?   Who was monitoring them?

Why aren’t we monitoring people coming in and leaving the country?    As soon as they fly into Canada,  they should be put on house arrest with monitors,  paid for by themselves.   If it’s work related,  so be it, the employer can pay for that.

If Americans coming into Canada have them pay for an escort to get them into Alaska.   Same with Alberta.   If this isn’t legal,  sue the province.   at this point,  I’d rather have the courts jammed up rather than the hospitals.   Suing the province isn’t easy and they can change laws on a whim to prevent them from going broke.

You probably know most of this or all of this.   I wanted to support what you’re saying without sounding too radical myself.   I also don’t want my friends or family dying either.


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1 Comment on LETTER – Dr. Henry seems to be winging it week by week on COVID strategy

  1. Beverley Campbell // January 12, 2021 at 3:37 PM // Reply

    t need to say how very much in support of most of what Greg has said, from the beginning I was leery of the public health whisper, we need a forceful pedantic speaker who lays it out and then makes it happen. I would also now like to switch to a daily report of what and where the inoculations have taken place, I fear this part getting out of hand and «i already see that happening with people taking the weekends off, this part of it, the part that is going to save us all, seems to be very disorganized.

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