LETTER – Adventures in Emergency show why COVID-19 is out of control

(Image: Mel Rothenburger)

Good Day, Mr. Rothenburger,

I am a life time resident of Kamloops, aged 55, and have some concerns I wish to address with you here.

On Friday, December 18 I found myself in need of visiting the RIH Emergency department, first time in years. What I witnessed and heard is so disturbing to myself, I found I had to write to express one reason why COVID-19 is out of control and why our hospitals wait times are as long as they are with enormous overhead.

First, I am from out of town because my local medical clinic would not see me due to a three-week, off and on, fever. When I went to the local emergency here the first time, they had the nerve to ask me if I could return the next day! I’ve given up on my local clinic.

While waiting at RIH, I overheard a lady say she was from the same community as me. I asked her why she was there and she had two reasons; one being she could not see a local doctor at our clinic as they try not to see anyone in person anymore. Then I learned there were two people from my community visiting RIH at the same time I was there!

Once I was checked in, I was sent down to a waiting room to wait my turn. As I was seating myself, there were two women, each with a 2-3 year old child. A few minutes later, a gentleman sat down with his three-year old.

My wait was 3.5 hours to get in. During that time, one woman and the gentleman both left. Both their children were whining they wanted to go home and one saying he wanted his momma. So, resources were wasted on two people because they were too impatient to wait their turn.

I had to tell the emergency personnel the people had given up and left. If parents cannot control their children and be patient, then stay away from emergency unless it is really is an emergency. How can we educate these parents? What a waste of tax dollars and time!

Once inside emergency, I had to listen to a gentleman with his daughter; what I heard tells me a good explanation why COVID is out of control. This is not the second wave; this is a tsunami which is far from peaking and crashing.

He was telling his daughter she will be OK and that he had to return to work the next day. This went on and on. The doctor eventually took a nasal sample from the girl for COVID. After that, the father was asked if he was aware of self isolation for their family. This guy had the nerve to express he knew nothing about it!

Really, I thought to myself. No wonder COVID-19 is out of control. What a liar or true idiot I felt. I am willing to wager anything he went to work and the family did not self isolate while waiting for the results. Why does RIH not have a system to ensure those types of people abbey the laws? I asked and was told there is nothing in place; that it’s trust!

So, as a random sample over six hours of my RIH Emergency visit; two parents wasted resources by leaving and another played stupid of not knowing about self isolation. I am hoping, you have tens of thousands of locals watching you every night, perhaps you could make the public aware of their ignorance and disrespect for the systems we have in place.

I predict the numbers will be tenfold the current level in 10 weeks, unless BC goes into a full lockdown. There was also the guy who didn’t want to wear a mask and was removed by security and the nurse taking blood samples who did nothing but complain she was working 16 hour shifts, her kids kept her up all night, and she dreaded having to go into work the next day!! Oh my god! Our society is messed up, every person for themselves it appears!

I thank you very much for taking the time to read my concerns and hope you can help educate the stupid and irresponsible people of our communities.


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1 Comment on LETTER – Adventures in Emergency show why COVID-19 is out of control

  1. I read that perhaps it is not Covid-19 out of control but our society. A society that values perceptions over reality, a society that no longer values reason, self-control and individual responsibilities.

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