LETTER – With new gun ban, how do I protect my family from home invasion?

Hello, my name is Sam Campbell and am writing you about an article I recently read in the CFJC Today about the gun ban announced May 1.

I have read many opinion pieces on this topic and have noticed some common positions among the left side of the debate. The one opinion that seems to resonate with so many is that gun owners have no need for the firearms on the May 1 list. I would like to challenge that theory.

I live 35 min drive west of Prince George, BC on a 240 acre farm. My driveway, if you can believe it, is almost a km long. So last September I had 3 criminals on my property in a stolen truck with no plates approaching my house after clearing out my shop. My shop is a distance away so didn’t hear the truck.

I was alerted to their presence when they approached the house. I ran to the window and they seen me and took off. These were three men with no regard for the law. Naturally I called the police and the criminals fled. We were not hurt but it could have gone very differently.

Two days later I purchased a lightweight semiautomatic rifle that I could use in only the worse case scenario to potentially save the life of my 3 kids and my wife. With this firearm now banned and you in agreement, I would respectfully like to ask you for your recommendation on what I should do if my family faces a home invasion with multiple assailants that are armed with illegal guns.

Please keep in mind my distance from law enforcement. My position is that these semiautomatic firearms in the hands of a good citizen (verified by daily record checks) is actually a credit to public safety. Please take the time to reply as I am desperate for an intelligent response to this question. Thank you for you time.


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19 Comments on LETTER – With new gun ban, how do I protect my family from home invasion?

  1. You sound very scared from your experience and not rational. The chance of thugs entering your property with guns with the intention of harm to you and your family is 0; they want your property. You have much more chance of your kids finding the gun and causing death by accident. If you want to feel safer then put a baseball bat in your bedroom, but understand that no one is coming for your family with guns – that’s an American paranoia.

    • Fil !!! I believe the story that Mr Campbell has told and I tink that it indicates that the probability of some one intent on raiding your home is NOT zero. The idea seems far fetched that you are safer if you have a baseball bat. The fact is that those who try using a club for protection more often than not have it used against them instead. Most farms in Canada have a few guns around for hunting and they will usually suffice if needed for defense against people or a mean bruin. It is not entirely American paranoia .I have read bout at least two serious armed defense in Canada in the last 20 years. Low ? yes but not zero. A little paranoia is not always bad. Just sayin.

    • Good thing you are not in the rural prairies , there is a real problem in rural areas, the media downplays it , the RCMP are useless, there are people losing 10s of thousands in property with many cases of brutal assaults “just there to steal your stuff” just tell people to leave their valuables on the lawn so no one gets hurt, especially a thief. Important info on the gun ban , there are no provisions for public safety, there is not intent to enhance public safety . While I enjoy pistol shooting more pistols are used by criminals for murder then semi automatic rifles (or any other rifle & shotgun) & a ban on those still would not put a dent in murder with pistols . Spend money on gang prevention, poverty causes , & discrimination and we will get vastly further ahead. Lastly with the cases in the last few years in rural Canada belittling someone for fearing for their families safety is like heckling a rape victim for trying to bring their abuser to justice.

  2. Thank you John, you had me laughing this morning. About your comments that a law abiding citizen has the option of calling the police and if they do not get there in time, there are skilled detectives that will solve the crime. Appropriate charges may be laid upon the recommendation of the Crown. That is not much comfort for the families of those law abiding citizens. I don’t mean to get into the gun debate, I hate guns of any caliber because they are intended to kill something. What I think should be changed are our laws where we treat criminals with a whole lot of political correctness and give them way more rights than the victims ever had.

    • John Noakes // May 10, 2020 at 9:47 AM // Reply

      You understood what I was attempting to say.
      A victim of crime often remains a victim of crime.

  3. Tony Brumell // May 8, 2020 at 11:12 PM // Reply

    Andy ! Thats just plain BS. There is huge difference between the right tool for the job and a tool of mass destruction.By “making up ” for the EPIC failure of society he becomes that epic failure.I don’t want to force my rights on anyone with an Ouzi. He already knows what “Tools” society will
    allow him and its not a weapon of mass destruction .He’ll just have to get along with the same tools we all may use.

  4. Look up the crime statistics for the rural areas of the Prairies before you belittle someone in fear of his life and property

    • Andy,

      Yes, there is an increase in rural crime total numbers, but its not a complete fact.

      Proportion of homicides committed with a firearm slightly higher in rural areas (39%) than in large urban (35%) and small urban areas (23%), pure numbers. Per capita calculations would make this seem much more problematic in rural due to lower population numbers in comparison.

      The presence of weapons in violent crime in large urban areas, two to three times greater in a large urban area compared to small urban and rural areas, per capita.

      Rural areas reported the lowest rates for overall crime, total property crime, robbery and motor vehicle theft, per capita, but yes total numbers are alarmingly up.

      Large urban areas reported the highest rates for both robbery and motor vehicle theft. In particular, robbery rates were more than double those of small urban areas and almost 10 times higher than rural areas. Pure numbers.

      Sincerely, Stats Canada/Canadian Centre of Judicial Statistics.

      The Prairies are experiencing an unusual bump, but Regina also (oddly) has the highest crime rate for cities in Canada, so there’s not a lot to your statement. Global statements of rising prairie rates, all while recommending to study stats, and ignoring the fear experienced by the ‘little old lady’ walking down Tranquille as you speak to Sams fear … kinda kills the desire to debate.

      We are discussing this courteously, lets keep it up.

  5. So this guy wants a semi-automatic to literally spray trucks and people with bullets … as a defence to the potential criminals having the same guns, even though its most likely he will be in his house at a window protected by walls, possibly with the higher ground advantage if he is upstairs, and uses the argument most spouted by ‘Mercan militia loving dunderheads “I cant protect my family”, as if he cant with a single shot hunting rifle. Although I could, I wont bother trying to detail how there is a sickness behind this single minded tunnel-visioned approach.

    What I will say is that he’s not seeing the larger picture; sure … let him at his remote property have a weapon like this, but Canadian law works for the whole, which means it would remain available to all. Given our experience of Nova Scotia, Ecole Polytechnique, Quebec City mosque and others, we have to consider their availability in cities.

    Ya just can’t have rules for Sam, and other rules for others.

    He may shoot a couple guys in a truck kilometres away from anyone else, but someone else will make more effective use and hurt many more innocent people in a crowded city, and they have.

    His entire argument is based on his remote situation and completely ignores the consequences outside of his gate … and thats the problem. He does not care about anyone else, which makes him selfish, narcissistic and wholly self centred. The fact that he is fine with that, and is willing to risk others to satisfy his own needs is not how we define ourselves as Canadian.

    3/4 of Canadians want this … overwhelmingly.

    He would definitely feel very much more at home, and with his kin … by moving south.
    Because we are not going to change on mass … to be more like him.

    • Sorry David , you just proved your own point. You dont give a damn about rural Canadians and have no idea that thieves look at ranches as free hardware stores. If they are caught they are out again in a few days. He wants the same rights to safety and security and life that we all want. Society can not protect him or even effectively punish the people who will murder him. He is willing to make up for the epic failure of society to keep him safe and do it himself, he just wants to know what tools we will allow him to accomplish that.

  6. Tony Brumell // May 8, 2020 at 11:33 AM // Reply

    Dear John. I don’t sympathize at all. Number one if you think that you are better with any gun than a trained crook; good luck. The very idea that you can;t have any gun is crap. Maybe you should start complaining that you can’t have a 100mm Howitzer . Or do you think you should ?What you and Sam need to do is get a legal permit and take the safety training .Then go and buy a 357 mag., Then hope to hell you never need to use it. I’m 75 and I’ve had many run in with radical rights but never had anyone come at me.Just like a Grizzly bear your best defense is your voice. You can use a 7mm WM for hunting AND self defense. Who knew ?. Maybe you think you need a bump stock for your oozi ?? or a 50 shot clip for your Glock ? Give me a break.
    I have been a hunter all of my life but never needed or wanted a full auto anything. Seven deer and one moose in 40 years ? 9 bullets. I could still be on my first box of ammo but yes I did shoot some targets in my youth. If you were living in a war zone I might say Well ! Maybe We should move out of the war zone.
    Nuff said !!!

    • John Noakes // May 8, 2020 at 11:50 AM // Reply

      I have hunted since I was 16 and took the required safety training then. A few years ago I upgraded to have my RPAL but have had no desire to own or use a restricted firearm.
      In your 75 years, it sounds like you have never been a victim of crime or a violent assault.
      Law enforcement is there for a reason and it is best to work within our system, regardless whether one believes yelling at a grizzly will always work.
      In your opinion, what qualifications are needed to be a trained crook?

    • Andy, I understand what you’re saying, but here in our small city, I have criminals rifling through our car at night as if its a free bank machine, stealing our car like its a free rental, breaking into our house as if its a free Best Buy, and robbing stores, people and properties like it should all be theirs to start with, and not once has it crossed my mind to have a semi-auto to shoot them.

      Then they get out early … or they get released before trial because they have to held for trial for too long. I want the ‘same rights to safety and security and life’ that Sam wants. Society can not protect me or even effectively punish the people who will murder me either. Yes those are your words, funny that they still work once turned around.

      Dont try to give me a ‘whoa is Sam because he lives remote’… as that sounds like its ok to also be victimised in the city. I know thats not what your saying, but he has no more risk than the rest of us. The risks are different, yet the risks are the same.

      The problem here, as I already said; You cant have 2 sets of law on the books. This is Canada, you never will see two sets of laws regarding safety. We do not have the legal right to purchase a firearm to defend ourselves, we have no 2nd Amendment type of law and never will, considering the bloodbath south of the border. Gun advocates here need to swallow that, it will never happen. Are you suggesting we go that way?

      You’re ignoring the simple fact that he purchased the weapon to protect himself, while that fact alone would have kept him from getting a licence in the first place … so in essence … he’s breaking the law by owning it, as he lied to get it. You are brushing that aside, really?

      And btw, I am fully experienced of life on ranch, as is my wife so dont tell us we dont give a damn, as we know full well. Not once … ever … even close … have we ever seen a weapon like this on any ranch, by any neighbour. The need is for ranch use, hunting and self protection from attacking wildlife in the bush … thats it. In the real ranch world, guns are not a big deal, they are a part of the job … Sam is making them to be more.

      You’re defending a rancher who bought a gun designed to shoot people, with the intent to shoot people? You’re defending him for this mindset, but you’re not hearing how that actually sounds, and what that actually means.

      And justifying it specifically because hes on a ranch? There is no difference between him or a city resident having a semi-auto ‘to protect himself’. Both can shoot the criminal in the back with a single shot rifle and probably get off from doing it, and thats fine if it really is self defence … but does he really need to plug a bunch of bullets in within 3 seconds to achieve the same goal?

      The problem here is the root concept of arming to protect from other people as if they are a charging bear, like its a right to shoot the people as well … sorry, it isnt.

      Andy … sit back and think about what you’re saying here, without rolling your response directly into the ‘criminals access’ to these guns angle, or the lack of judicial system justification, or other common gun rights arguments, that side step the real larger scope decision.

      The real issue; should we remove ALL of these weapons equally from the country for legal gun owner and criminal use (from all; remote rancher and cosmopolitan apt dweller), and throw seriously hefty jail terms for having or using them? Other countries that have done the same see a big drop in mass shootings, period. Unarguable fact.

      Canadians support this concept. Sam has broken the law.

      • I didn’t break any laws. When I got my pal I was indeed asked the question of what my intention was. I answered honestly that it was for hunting. Just last September is when I started viewing things differently. If asked if I would give up all my firearms if I could be guaranteed not to need them, then my answer is yes. I truly don’t believe that day will ever come. People have been using violence against each other since the beginning of our time on this earth. I would say you would have to be incredibly naive to think this will change – there will always be bad people. Now, I just want to remind all reading that my only concern is the safety of my family given my past experience described in the letter. I have yet to hear a plausible answer to my question.

    • sam Campbell // May 9, 2020 at 10:05 AM // Reply

      Hello Tony Brumell, please try to stick to the facts. Fully automatic firearms have been banned in Canada since the 70s. I am talking about a lightweight semiautomatic 9mm rifle with less power than the 357 you are recommending. The 357 pistols are in fact semiautomatic. The revolvers function differently but still fire one round per trigger pull with no other action required from the operator, so in essence are the same. People need to fully understand the guns that are being targeted and now center of the debate. If you need further explanation of this I am happy to provide. By the way, I am pretty sure the Liberal government will be coming after your 357 next.

  7. John Noakes // May 8, 2020 at 7:01 AM // Reply

    In Texas, you might be hailed as a hero.
    Unless a lot of firearms laws are changed in Canada, regardless of the circumstances, it’s my understanding that we aren’t allowed to do this kind of thing, Sam.
    I sympathize with how you feel and the predicament you describe.

    Believe me, it came to the point where I told my wife she was not going to walk our dog by a certain place by herself. What good I did being with her, who knows?
    We managed to make it past the big trucks, the dogs that were sometimes in the back of the trucks, the dark stains running down the white paint on the garage doors and the reek of solvent & cat urine in the air.
    School kids walked by the place on the other side of the road.
    The common law spouse of our former neighbour cut up behind their house and through weeds and long grass just to get to the bus stop to go to work as a chamber maid/housecleaner at a motel downtown.
    I sympathize with you Sam. What we endured went on for years. I sympathize with you, Sam.

    But, none of us legally were allowed to have a firearm for self defence. Firearms are for hunting and target shooting only.
    Law abiding citizens have the avenue of calling for the assistance of law enforcement. Hopefully, the response is in a timely manner. If not, there is a pool of skilled detectives to help solve the crime and appropriate charges may be laid upon the recommendation of Crown here in BC.
    I sympathize with you, Sam, as it seems we are not working within what we might wish to be a perfect system.

  8. Imagine that…armed to the teeth to defend from a possible home invasion from multiple assailants. I suppose a mine field on the front lawn could also be deployed along with barbwire along the perimeter…ok I am getting pretty silly too.
    Otherwise Sam Campbell and all other gun nuts out there should redirect their attention and energy into a more involved role in the democratic process which will ensure greater political and financial accountability from our elected officials and bureaucrats.

    • Your comments are hollow if you can’t at least pay respect to the very legitimate question of how a person experiencing an armed home invasion should respond. I know my position on this topic is very controversial, but it is a product of my experiences. So to all those that say I am a gun nut, I would say that I am a family man that cares deeply for his children and beautiful wife. You can call me what you like, it really doesn’t matter; but if you care to drop the assumptions and name calling to have a real conversation – I am all ears. Please start by giving me a better plan to protect my family against the very real threat I described. Thanks.

      • The problem is you are convinced that you are under a very real threat!! There is no threat! A bunch of junkies or rough necks looking to loot your place have NO intention of getting into a fight with you once they know you are home. Your best defense is security food lights and an audio message saying “recording”. Why do you keep thinking your life is in danger? Did you see their guns? No, because they had none.

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