NATIONAL PULSE – Confidence in B.C. community healthcare system slips


March 26, 2020 – As daily diagnoses of new COVID-19 cases rise and governments impose ever stricter controls on public movement, new data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute show Canadian behaviour and daily life has changed extraordinarily over the last seven weeks.

A “new normal” that at the beginning of February may have seemed inconceivable now includes social distancing, staying home, and persistent handwashing, all in a critical effort to slow the spread of an extremely infectious virus. Vast majorities (85%) now report staying away from others, not touching others (84%) and staying away from public places (81%).

The aggressive spread of this coronavirus is sending anxiety levels spiking as Canadians come to grip with the financial toll it will take on their households (76%) and job situations. It is also softening their level of confidence in local health care systems to cope with what public health officials warn will be an onslaught of new cases in the coming weeks.

More Key Findings:

  • Quebec residents are near-unanimous in praise of their provincial government (93%), while every provincial government is said to be doing a “good job” of handling the COVID-19 outbreak by at least 71 per cent of their constituents
  • The percentage saying the federal government is performing well continues to rise. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Canadians now say this, including 46 per cent of Conservatives. This is a doubling of positive sentiment among past CPC voters since the beginning of March
  • Four-in-five Canadians say it will be at least three months, if not much longer, before their lives are what they consider to be “back to normal”

Link to the poll here:

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2 Comments on NATIONAL PULSE – Confidence in B.C. community healthcare system slips

  1. The federal government waited until the COVID-19 took a real grip before they did anything; they should of been pro-active and started to implement strategies well in advance to what is taking place now.
    This government sat on their hands and waited and now saying look what we are doing (Oh what a great boy I am). They should of been getting ready when this virus stated to take it’s toll in China and the Far East instead of the mind set that it won’t come here.
    In regard to our health care we can put alot the blame onto the College of Surgeons and Physicians as they are the ones that allow only a number to graduate or keep foreign doctors from entering the field even if they came from higher quality university they still have to go back to school and alot just don’t want to sit through classes again so they take a meady okcur job and their knowledge is gone down the drain as they can’t practice. And yes I have heard stories from Doctors that have gone to medical school in England, Germany and France saying this.

  2. Time to Help with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

    It is noteworthy that the USA is learning from the virus experiences of Italy and China and have concluded that, among other things, there is a real concern about the availability of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) particularly for first line medical workers. I have yet to see any update on the PPE supply here in BC or more broadly speaking, in all of Canada.

    Here in BC we have WorkSafeBc that advocates for and enforces the use of PPE in our workplaces. In Canada, we have the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) that is ultimately responsible for the advocacy and enforcement. Would it not be in their interest to have a pulse on current inventories of PPE particularly for health care workers? Similarly, should there not be a louder response from the applicable unions?

    Further, given the warnings of the pending danger of escalation of the virus, does it not make sense that all hospitals and medical staff know what is available and what needs to be monitored? In short, should we not be learning from the health care experiences and projections of other countries?

    At this point in the USA there are agencies that are helping to fill the gap of protective masks. There is a call out for manufacturers to increase or enter into producing products to help alleviate the shortages. Added to this call to action there are private citizen groups that have seized the task of producing masks by following a design to sew and produce masks. I applaud the governor of New York, for calling for such actions.

    Here in Canada there seems to be a dearth of information regarding our virus response inventories of PPE. If there is a shortage, is it not time to for a call to action to address the shortage? This begs the question will we be ready to meet this unprecedented challenge? It is not only up to our fearless leaders it is also up to us as Canadian citizens.

    Don’t forget, if we overproduce our neighbours to the south will gladly accept any surplus.

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