SPCA – 17 husky puppies, two adult dogs surrendered from property

(Image: BC SPCA)

The BC SPCA is asking for the public’s help to care for 17 puppies and two adult dogs that were surrendered from a property in the Interior.

The SPCA said in a news release today (Dec. 27, 2019) that RCMP and animal control officers responded to a complaint and found the eight to 10-week-old husky puppies living outside in the cold and snow on the property.

The owner surrendered the animals to animal control who held them overnight before transferring the dogs to the local BC SPCA branch on Christmas Eve. The SPCA has not revealed the exact location of the puppies “for their protection.”


“It’s a true Christmas miracle that these puppies were saved from neglect and brought in from the cold,” said BC SPCA chief prevention and enforcement officer Marcie Moriarty.

“We are grateful that the RCMP and animal control officers were able to get them immediate attention.”

The puppies are being treated for worms and are in quarantine. Each puppy will be spayed/neutered and provided with all of their vaccines before they will be ready for adoption in late January.

“The branch is completely overwhelmed with caring for so many animals and is not accepting adoption inquiries at this time,” said Moriarty.

“Donations are encouraged to help cover their costs of caring for these puppies and adult dogs during the busy holiday period.”

The BC SPCA will hold a naming contest for the 17 puppies. Watch the provincial BC SPCA Facebook page for more details.

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2 Comments on SPCA – 17 husky puppies, two adult dogs surrendered from property

  1. As neglected as these dogs have been, might be try to look at it as the start of a new life for them?
    After we lost our former dog to cancer, we adopted a rescue dog through the SPCA. Commitment and investment plus a lot of patience and love have paid off for our new companion and us.
    Just a couple of weeks ago, our dog (I am his handler) was officially accepted as a therapy dog through St. John Ambulance. He will be visiting people and staff once a week at a long term care facility in Kamloops.

    With these Huskies, there are 17 puppies and 2 adults that have the potential to be great pets, companions and may also bring joy to others.

  2. Leonard Hutt // December 28, 2019 at 8:11 AM // Reply

    Here is a response from my grand daughter when I fwded the article to her. That’s very sad. Unfortunately most breeders I know raise their pups outside. It’s a lot more work to raise them indoors underfoot like we do but it’s a million times better for the health of the dogs. Many people shockingly still keep larger pet dogs outside full time. I dont know how that can possibly be good for their physical and mental health. Athena and charlie our big two prefer to play out in the yard most of the day but it is their choice to do that. They sleep inside on our bed or on their beds in the “dog bedroom” yes my dogs have their own room lol. Our pups are happy, healthy and growing well. I’m so pleased. Every single one has an amazing family to go to as we decided not to keep one from this litter.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love you so much, Rose D

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