NATIONAL PULSE – Both non-Conservatives and party faithful say Ambrose has the right stuff

Rona Ambrose. (Image: Facebook)


Dec 17, 2019 – Andrew Scheer’s resignation as Conservative leader earlier this month may have closed the book on what – compared to  expectations – was a disappointing chapter in the history of the CPC. A fresh narrative has yet to be written, but just what story will be told and who will tell it remains to be seen.

The latest study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute in the wake of Scheer’s announcement shows Canadians – whether core Conservative voters or those who might vote CPC – want to see the party move closer to the political centre.

For six-in-ten Canadians overall (60%), that means taking climate change more seriously, and taking a more progressive stance on social values (57%). In each case, four-in-ten Core Conservatives agree.

Overall, Canadians are divided evenly over who was ultimately to blame for the party failing to form government. Exactly 50 per cent say that Andrew Scheer is primarily to blame, while 50 per cent say it was the party and its policies – not the outgoing leader – that bears responsibility.

As to who should shepherd the party into the next federal election, two names emerge from a cluttered field. Both former interim leader Rona Ambrose and former cabinet minister Peter MacKay are at the top. That said, Ambrose appears to be the top preference among both core Conservatives and those who aren’t committed to the party. By contrast, MacKay is a less appealing choice among committed CPC voters.

More Key Findings:

  • Three-in-ten Canadians (30%) say that the Conservative Party reflects their region of the country. One-quarter of B.C. (27%) and Ontario (25%) residents, and fewer than one-in-five in Quebec (12%) and Atlantic Canada (16%) feel this way, while three-quarters in Alberta and Saskatchewan do
  • Half of Canadians feel that the country is on the wrong track (49%), while three-in-ten (30%) say Canada is on the right track
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an approval rating of 36 per cent to begin his second term. This is up from a low point of 31 per cent in August.

Link to the poll here:

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3 Comments on NATIONAL PULSE – Both non-Conservatives and party faithful say Ambrose has the right stuff

  1. This is for R A George, may i ask why we need to rid ourselves of old party lines as if we do then there really is no difference between parties if we’re all around the centre of the political spectrum; yes the CPP needs to update certain ideologies but need to keep others IE aviation/.marine industry, start building our own equipment instead of sending the contracts off shore to be built, immigration- people that come into Canada legally and have something to give, professions, military- more boots on the ground instead of relying on other Countries to fill in the gaps. the list goes on as this government is making Canada a third world country.

  2. It may just work better and a saving grace for the conservatives to have her as their leader. Personally it is not the sex that matters but the policies…that is the difficult part for them to “modernize”.

  3. Ambrose it is then.I don’t remember if I have ever voted anything but Conservative federally.I have never voted Liberal in BC. but I did vote Green in the recent federal election because I don,t think we should consider shipping our oil to China,or anything else for that matter.It was a last minute decision as I like Cathy McGregor and I’d like to think she really didn’t either,but the old party line prevails which is something we must rid ourselves of.

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