FORSETH – Pig-headed B.C. government refuses to quit on pipeline

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

BRITISH COLUMBIA’S highest court has spoken, unanimously, and the time for obstruction of the TMX pipeline is now over. I look forward to working with B.C. and the federal government to realize the enormous benefits of this project, which is supported by clear majorities in both our provinces and across Canada” … so said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on Friday.

Good luck with that, sir, because B.C.’s NDP government, led by Premier John Horgan, along with Attorney General David Eby, aren’t done yet in this squabble that has cost the B.C., Alberta, and Canadian economy billions upon billions of dollars … never mind the costs of umpteen dozen of lawyers fighting this battle out in court.

Making it clear of their intentions — B.C.’s Attorney General indicated the fight is STILL ON.  Eby’s statement, in response to the judgment by the British Columbia Court of Appeal on B.C.’s reference case, was as follows:

“… we thank the B.C. Court of Appeal for considering this reference. Our government said from the outset that we would stand up for British Columbia’s environment, economy and coast … we are disappointed with the decision … our government always said this case would likely be heard before the Supreme Court.

“In fact, we asked the federal government to join us in a joint reference to the Supreme Court of Canada …”<

Still, as the majority of people in B.C. know, and those in Alberta overwhelming understand, the Trans Mountain Pipeline would be a win-win for both of our provinces. It would allow for Alberta to finally realize a fair price for their natural resources … it could provide much-needed relief at the gas pumps for those of us here in B.C. … and create new jobs in both of our provinces.

Which is why Kenney stated that, “… the court decision is an occasion for real hope for the hard-working people of both provinces.”

Still, it seems that our stubborn, pig-headed provincial government in B.C. plans to fight this battle down to the last court of appeal, and/ or the last nickel in the provincial treasury.

This, because, as Eby has stated, “We continue to believe that we have the authority and the responsibility to defend our environment and economy, so we will exercise our right to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.”

Back over in Alberta, according to Premier Kenney:

BC Premier John Horgan has said many times that this reference and the other legal challenges to the pipeline are ‘about the rule of law.’ We agree, and in light of the court’s decision, we hope that the B.C. government will respect the rule of law and end its campaign of obstruction.

this reference is not about whether the planned Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (“TMX”) should be regulated to minimize the risks it poses to the environment — that is a given … B.C.’s proposed law would unconstitutionally interfere with that federal jurisdiction.

The court was clear that B.C.’s proposed law ‘is intended … to prohibit’ the flow of Canadian oil … via the TMX pipeline or by rail”.

The B.C. Court of Appeal unmistakably told the B.C. NDP government that its proposed law is ‘an immediate and existential threat to a federal undertaking … and is therefore outside the province’s jurisdiction

And so, the fight is still on … with no end in sight as John ‘The Destroyer’ Horgan … and David ‘The Fatal Fury’ Eby continue their tag-team battle royale through the courts.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada and the B.C. Reform Party, and a past and current member of the BC Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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7 Comments on FORSETH – Pig-headed B.C. government refuses to quit on pipeline

  1. Yes and all that coal from Roberts Bank is going to china to produce electricity and steel

  2. Robert A Bruce // May 25, 2019 at 9:06 AM // Reply

    Gee Mel, never thought of your page as a rightwingnut kinda place….I still don’t see any “benefit” to BC in this pipeline. The existing one seems to be doing the job. There’s no “profit” to doing this, just the cost of the downside when they run a tanker aground. Because Alberta will not address the coastal issues…know nothing about coastal issues. Maybe Ottawa needs to address the abysmal state of the coast guard/ navy first.

  3. Walter Locke // May 25, 2019 at 8:32 AM // Reply

    I just don’t understand the economics of expanding capacities to sell a product that with the current discount is being sold at a loss or close to it. I also fail to understand the idea that other countries would buy our product for more than the discounted price considering shipping costs would be added to get the product to their shores. There is a glut of oil being produced in the world right now, so barring a global military occurrence, I don’t see a big bounce coming for our products outside of our continent.

  4. Walter Locke // May 25, 2019 at 8:24 AM // Reply

    So let me see if I have this right .. we build a pipeline that private enterprise couldn’t wait to get out of fast enough to sell more chemical soup to countries that won’t pay one dollar more than is offered by the US refiners. Just because you can theoretically move more oil product through the pipeline doesn’t mean there are more people to buy it. There is currently over production and over stockpiles of oil in the world which will push prices lower. Countries with less cost per barrel of oil produced can always undercut Canadian crude/upgrade oil.

  5. Well it seems China is in no particular hurry to buy Alberta oil both for political reasons and practical ones too. They are going electric in a big way because…well because the Chinese are very industrious and smart people and have realized the deleterious effects of burning fossil fuels. I mean it seems pretty ridiculous and pigheaded for Alberta to continue down the same old path which has been shown to be the wrong one. Maybe the billions could’ve been spent on alternatives.

    • Ken McClelland // May 30, 2019 at 12:01 AM // Reply

      Is that why China is building 300 – 500 new coal-fired generating plants by 2030? I wouldn’t call that going electric in a big way. I WOULD call Canada’s climate change mitigation strategies a fart in the wind compared to the emissions they will produce, however. Luckily, carbon emissions respect international boundaries and airsheds, and all of that CO2 will be contained in China, and our CO2 reductions will make a really really big difference in the rest of the world…..

      • 300 to 500 new coal-fired generating plans by 2030? Really? 300 to 500 maybe even thousands…who knows for sure beside you and Jason Kenney? And you are right-on with the philosophy of why would you want to mitigate if they don’t? We don’t have to be in a leader role, we can be content knowing we could’ve, we should’ve but we didn’t…is that what a righteous person would do?

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