McQUARRIE – The Foreigner in our land


“IF A WOMAN HAS (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman?  At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death,” says U.S. Republican legislator Lawrence Lockman

Mr. Lockman, a Republican – a conservative in Canada speak, – was stating his views and opinions on rape, abortion and women. He is a white male, lacking in many things but compassion, empathy and intelligence are certainly at the top of that list of things lacking.  However, it is not his vile ignorance and stupidity that worries me the most, it is the fact that as a legislator, he is in the dangerous position of being able to create laws that are a reflection of that twisted mind.

Lockman is not alone in his opinions on women’s bodies as evidenced by Clayton Williams, a Republican nominee in Texas who stated to friends, “Rape is kinda like the weather. If it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

The list of twisted minds is long and I could fill this column with sickening quotes, but won’t.  Instead I’d like to talk about what I see as some inconsistencies in their thinking. Some discrepancies that even after discounting the wild ravings of sick old men like, Lockman and Clayton, don’t quite pass the logic test for me.

Let’s begin with the sanctity of life argument where the same lawmakers in Alabama, who supposedly fight under the pious flag of life’s sanctitude, have 191 inmates on their state’s death row. They want to punish those people by killing them. Obviously the sanctity of life argument is selective. But Alabama is not alone, as nation-wide, America, with 2,721 people awaiting execution, has an eagerness and appetite for killing people that is number one in the Western World.

Then there is the slaughter of school children and other innocent victims that continues unabated in that country.  Between 1967 and 2018 there have been 152 mass shootings in the United States with more than 1,300 victims. Additionally and in one year alone (2016) over 39,000 people died of gun-related injuries.

State executions could be stopped and sentences commuted to life in prison with the stroke of a pen. And tens of thousands of lives could be saved if those same politicians pulled a New Zealand and took responsibility.  All it takes is a governor’s signature on a bill.

But they don’t, as it never has been about how sacred an American’s life is.  It has instead been about control and revenge. It has been about the Second Amendment being more important than life. It has been about a lie that is used to deny one gender their rights. It has been about the biblically based eye-for-an-eye state-sponsored killing while simultaneously enabling others to kill innocents by protecting their Second Amendment rights. The harsh truth is: life and rights have never been important to these politicians.

There’s also this heated argument about Pro Choice being pro abortion and I have trouble with the logic behind that as well.

One can be Pro Choice and still not be in favour of abortion.  All Pro Choice allows is the freedom to choose. It supports your rights to decide, including the many women who decide not to abort their pregnancy. And in my world, having rights sets us apart from the repressive societies who deny them.

Think Saudi Arabia and the abusive way they deny women their rights and you get a glimpse into a future where a white male majority selectively applies rights.

I can only shake my head in confused despair when I see posts online crying out in fear that Canada is headed towards Sharia Law, when in the same breath they call for abortion laws that, like Sharia Law, will deny women their right to choose.

Are people that ignorant that they are unable to distinguish between their own oppression of women and what they fear from a foreigner?  Which in turn begs the question, who really is the foreigner in our land?

Bill McQuarrie is a former Kamloops entrepreneur who has retired to Vancouver Island where he spends a lot of time fly fishing. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.

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7 Comments on McQUARRIE – The Foreigner in our land

  1. John Noakes // May 20, 2019 at 6:10 AM // Reply

    Are human beings the only species that deliberately terminate the lives of their unborn?

  2. Marcus Lowe // May 19, 2019 at 7:47 PM // Reply

    Very reasonable. I wish you could change the world…

    • Tony Brumell // May 20, 2019 at 11:11 AM // Reply

      Were are not and we have changed the world. It’s now almost unlivable.
      .Many species regulate the rate of newborns by deferal of implantation or out right killing and eating of cubs to bring mom into heat again.. I humans had done this or had the ability to regulate birthrate we wouldn’t be in such a screw up now.This planet is being killed outright by the exploding numbers of people. Nearly 7 billion now and close to 10 billion by 2050. This planet cannot sustainably support what we have let alone whats coming.And you thought that rabbits were prolific

  3. Why is every left wing org in Canada trying to associate Conservative views with the still in the Confederate flags days Republicans in the Southern States. About the same as daddy Trudeau and his Commie views.

  4. Tony Brumell // May 19, 2019 at 2:27 PM // Reply

    Can the reinstatement of slavery be far behind ? Apparently nothing is sacred with these creatures.Sanity is surely taking a back seat since Trump.

  5. Dawne Taylor // May 19, 2019 at 9:08 AM // Reply

    Thank you Bill. Great article, and so important than men weigh in with arguments such as you have.

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