FEATURED COMMENT – Here’s the thing – I came to realize I don’t care

Justice Committee hearing.

Re: EDITORIAL – Snap election the only way to sort out Wilson-Raybould affair.


I watched Wilson-Raybould for almost 4 hours yesterday (Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019), and honestly chuckled at her approach to committee members from all over the aisle … no matter what they tried, she re-quoted her statement or called for relevance. What this lady has is integrity, the kind of integrity that will serve her well one day, given enough time for this to stew in the background of yesterdays news. The future will see if one day she makes hay with all she earned from that 4 hours on camera.

David Johnson.

I also paid attention to Michael Wernick, the Clerk of the Privy Council, and swallowed all he had to say as well. I will also watch Gerald Butts and any Chief of Staffs that may be called to testify.

Why?? Well … mostly because Game of Thrones isn’t out till mid April, but mostly because I’m a political junkie, always have been, always will be.

Again; here’s the thing:

I came to a realisation today. I don’t care.

I realised that what all this actually is, is an inside squabble in Cabinet that went public. It should never have gone public. Someone in SNC Lavalin had a hand in that.

Everyone agrees no laws were broken between the PM and the AG, but there may be a round of wrist slapping dolled out by ethics commissionaires or maybe even a Public Enquiry or an RCMP Investigation … but in the end, the reality of what we’re watching is a procedural mis-step by the PM and his pressure giving ministers and Chief of Staff yes-people, but only because they mentioned the Quebec election and Trudeau actually mentioned his Quebec riding of Papineau … that was a pretty dumb move on his part. It was incredibly stupid to continue pushing the AG, after the decision was made. He got stuck on a ‘different solution’ … when there wasnt one.

The thing was, he didn’t realise she would be so sensitive to the pushing.

The Attorney General was a little too sensitive to start with, and refused to play what we could call the ‘Ottawa political game’ of other people pushing to get what they want done. Experienced politicians know perfectly well to let a lot of the pressure hogwash rinse right off of them and not get riled. An experienced AG will remind that there is a line and to not let it be crossed. In this case that would be to warn that any order or directive, would be interference and possibly illegal. Anything else said … is fodder.

Is being reminded that there is an election in Quebec coming up … really ‘THAT’ inappropriate?

Back to my ‘thing’: I dont care.

This issue is an inside govt issue, to be dealt with a very large world away from my tax return, job, family, grocery store receipt and carbon tax. Absolutely nothing resulting from this ‘scandal’ will ever effect my day to day life. I don’t feel sympathy to her because well … she’s a politician and she got shuffled. I also don’t feel anger towards the PM Office because they were also politicians playing their little games.

Basically, I realised that there is nothing in this whole affair that would change my vote.

And that ends up being the thing. I vote for issues and with party platforms that deal with those issues. I vote for ideologies that will alter tax bills, healthcare, infrastructure and international relations and a host of other issues that I care about. Governments? Sometimes I ‘chuck them out’, sometimes I ‘hold the course’. I will vote over real issues that matter to me, at that time.

I’m not going to vote out a govt just because they may have treated a Cabinet Member … even a female indigenous one … as badly as thousands of fat old white men have been treated in Canadian Cabinet’s for over 150 years. I am unaffected by the political world of Ottawa. I dont vote differently because that world hiccups, and I don’t roll through layers of emotional turmoil because politicians don’t like each other.

Sooo … why should I care?

I can see that the media is trying to MAKE me care … but it wont work.

I see this issue as what it is … the latest inside Ottawa children bickering – sand flinging inner party squabble, and that’s all it is.

They will all work this out one day … chips will land, heads may roll, and blue flamed Zombie Dragons may break down ice walls … but none of it will change how I vote.


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2 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Here’s the thing – I came to realize I don’t care

  1. George S Duncan // March 1, 2019 at 8:27 AM // Reply

    My goldfish doesn’t care either, so the article writer is in odd company.

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