McQUARRIE – Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the weaponization of politics

Toronto City Hall. (Image: City of Toronto)

“REVENGE IS A DISH best served cold.” No one is certain who first said these words but in the case of Premier Doug Ford of Ontario, it could be rewritten to say something about being served by the stupid as well.

I’m referring to the stupidity of Ford’s act of pure revenge on Toronto’s City Council.  The same City Hall and council that is – at least I suspect in the premier’s mind – an embarrassing monument to the fall from grace of his cocaine and alcohol addicted brother and former mayor, Rob Ford. And the same council that Doug Ford sat on at one time.

It was a humiliating time for Rob Ford but it was self-inflicted and Toronto struggled under the embarrassment and disgrace he created.  Yet I believe his brother Doug sees it differently.

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Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.

1 Comment on McQUARRIE – Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the weaponization of politics

  1. 47 councillors in a densely populated area seems way, way, way too many. And if the “left” feels threatened it is because their lack of ideas and resolve and personally I am absolutely tired of the political correctness farce coming from them.
    But on the local scene, I am lambasted for asking that very question…what have you achieved for the $ 40,000 a year we pay you? No one has answered that question and many have shown displeasure even for just asking it.

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