IN THE HOUSE – ‘When will finance minister answer questions on wildfires?


House of Commons debate in Question Period on Friday, June 8, 2018.

Cathy McLeod, Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo, BC

Mr. Speaker, a year ago, B.C. suffered the worst wildfires in our history. The government said it would be there for us, but it did not last much past the photo-op.

We brought to the attention of the finance minister a very important issue around salvaged woods and their capital gains treatment, and the local government brought the same issue to him, but after six months of phone calls and letters, there was not even the courtesy of a response in terms of this issue.

Can the finance minister stand up and tell us and the victims what he is going to do in terms of at least responding to a very simple request for options?

Bill Blair, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and to the Minister of Health

Mr. Speaker, Public Safety Canada is mandated to keep Canadians safe from a wide range of natural disasters, including wildfires. The Government Operations Centre, acting on behalf of the Government of Canada, provides response coordination in such events affecting national interests.

Our government will always stand ready to help any province or territory that requests federal assistance to respond to any natural disaster, including wildland and urban interface fires.

Cathy McLeod, Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo, BC

Mr. Speaker, here is another victim of the Liberals’ summer jobs attestation requirement.

One of Nova Scotia’s must-see attractions, the Bangor Sawmill Museum, has had to close its doors. This has been a staple of the community since before Confederation. The member for West Nova has been shamefully silent while the landmark and the jobs that go with it are lost.

How can the Liberals not see the absurdity of their Orwellian policy and the impact it is having on communities across the country?

Rodger Cuzner, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the member for her new-found interest in jobs for young Canadians. She should maybe talk to her seatmate, because when the member for Carleton was minister, he cut $20 million out of the youth employment strategy. Of course his boss, Stephen Harper, wanted to shut the program down completely. We will take no lessons from the Conservatives about what to do for young Canadians.

In Nova Scotia, we have over 3,000 young students who will benefit from the investment made by this government, which is twice as much as the Conservatives made.


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1 Comment on IN THE HOUSE – ‘When will finance minister answer questions on wildfires?

  1. Grouchy 1 // June 9, 2018 at 8:45 AM // Reply

    Ha Ha Ha. Excellent put down of McLeod by Cuzner. Very well said.

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