GINTA – Summer fun need not be offensive or deadly

(Image: CFJC Today)

THE NEWS that two personal water crafts collided did not surprise me. I was happy to know that both parties got away with minor injuries, but truth is, the river ‘highway’ is seeing some crazy stuff come the warm months, which increases the risk of such unsettling events. This one took place on the South Thompson near Valleyview.

Every summer since we made Kamloops our home, I had the opportunity to witness all sorts of things while hanging out at the beach – mostly at Pioneer Park. Lots of boats with too many people on board, the majority of them not wearing life jackets, many of them drinking and approaching the shore just to use the bushes as an outhouse.

Not pretty. I got offered drinks more than once, my dog too, and the kids got to see people go back and forth from boats to bushes, drinks in hand – stumbling and loud, often swearing.

Then there are the countless personal water crafts (PWCs) that go as fast as the wind, turning and jumping. Life jackets seem optional.

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1 Comment on GINTA – Summer fun need not be offensive or deadly

  1. When we visit Kamloops in the summertime a swim in the river is almost a must. But more than once I have been very surprised to see how incredibly irresponsible many people are on the boats and individual water crafts and most of the time not wearing life jackets. When I swim in the river I really have to keep an eye on the motorized crafts so they won’t hit me. The problems won’t stop us from going to the river but it wouldn’t hurt to have it more patrolled.

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