FEATURED COMMENT – Disc golf a great opportunity for Tournament Capital

(Image: Kamloops Disc Golf Club – Facebook)

Re: Armchair Mayor editorial, ‘City at least half right with proposal for McIsland golf property’, April 7, 2018:

I JUST WANTED to respond to this article from the point of view of the disc golf club. First and foremost I think there’s a lot of misinformation being spread with regards to disc golf on the proposed site.

The disc golf club is absolutely on board with keeping the site the way it is, nature and all. The changes we would make are minimal and would have less impact than the golf course did.

Secondly, we do already have a course in Rose Hill, this is true. However, we used to have three courses in town. We also had plans for a fourth. So now we are down to one, which is unfortunately not adequate to house the growing number of players. For comparison, would you think it’s fair to only have one hockey rink in town?

Another big factor that the disc golf club has going for us is that we have very low costs to install a course. We don’t need large areas of pavement like the skate park, we need a few rubber tee pads, and the baskets. The disc golf club is also a great ambassador for any property they are on; we do maintenance and clean up, we do our own installation, etc. We have a great group of volunteers who are dedicated to making any site they are hosted on the best it can be.

Finally, the Kamloops Disc Golf Club already coexists with dog walkers, hikers, bikers, picnickers, birdwatchers, and anything else you can name at Rose hill. Almost every disc golf course in the country has to coexist in some way with other users; therefore, disc golfers have always taken it upon themselves to be respectful and give the right of way to anyone else that is using the space.

I tried to give the shortened “Cole’s notes” version of each of these points, but I’m happy to elaborate on any or all of them. I really hope that there is some middle ground to be reached here, as it seems that many people are jumping to conclusions before they have done their research. It would be unfortunate to lose a great opportunity for another sport in the middle of the Tournament Capital that is both cheap and accessible, and available to all demographics.


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1 Comment on FEATURED COMMENT – Disc golf a great opportunity for Tournament Capital

  1. David Goar // May 8, 2018 at 7:42 AM // Reply

    Makes a lot of sense……..should be a “no-brainer”.

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