NATIONAL PULSE – ‘Anti-pipeline protesters don’t represent mainstream’

Six-in-ten say Kinder Morgan could have done a better job earning public’s trust on this project

April 23, 2018 – Protests against Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain Pipeline have followed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for months, from Vancouver to Ottawa to London.

Not London, Ontario. London, England.

The protests from the United Kingdom’s branch of Greenpeace during Trudeau’s recent visit for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting serve as an indication of the scale of interest this pipeline debate has garnered. But, while Canadian protesters may find unity in the demonstration by their international counterparts, the broader Canadian public is less enthusiastic about resistance to this project.

The second report in a two-part Angus Reid Institute study of the TransMountain conflict finds Canadians are three times more likely to say the protesters (the Canadian ones) do not represent the mainstream view of their compatriots.

This opinion may be driven by the perceived benefits of approval or consequent harms of rejection on this project. Six-in-ten Canadians (59%) say the pipeline expansion would help the Canadian economy overall, while one-in-five (17%) say it would have negative consequences.

More Key Findings:

  • Six-in-ten Canadians (60%) say that they view the protests against TransMountain as not representative of the mainstream view, but fewer (46%) say they would like to see B.C. Premier John Horgan should condemn them
  • By a ratio of three-to-one (58% vs 20%) Canadians say Kinder Morgan could have done a better job of earning public support, and brought much of this conflict upon itself. This opinion is held by supporters (56%) and opponents (70%) alike.
  • The debate over the TransMountain project has captured the nation’s attention. More than half of Canadians say they’re paying close attention to this issue – including majorities in every region other than Quebec

Link to the poll here:

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4 Comments on NATIONAL PULSE – ‘Anti-pipeline protesters don’t represent mainstream’

  1. Protestors, especially First Nations, who get much of the money they get from the revenue that is generated from Our Natural Resources as well as Taxes that many of them don’t pay, should have their funding reduced accordingly, until the Project is proceeding and their us no interference in the opportunity to generate revenue eventually.
    The project should proceed as a Majority decision.
    Try being a Protestor in a regime controlled by ISIS or Al Queda and many other countries and see where it gets you.
    We are far too lenient with those that have nothing better to do than to be part of a Protest Group.
    Special Interest Groups have far too much control and use their Minority tactics to over rule Majority decisions and we are far too lenient with them.
    Protest Groups that stand in the way of National Progress should be treated as Traitors and dealt with accordingly.
    We need some leaders with intestinal fortitude to do the job they campaigned for and for which they were elected.
    If they can’t do what is best for Canada, they should step aside and let someone run this Country with tough love.
    As I recall, there were some objections and protests to the Railway being built, but it got built.
    My vote is for someone willing and able to firmly and fairly deal with Protestors.

  2. Nelson Riis // April 23, 2018 at 11:17 AM // Reply

    Real leaders do not always follow popular opinion polls. Real leaders often have opinion polls follow them. Few believed in Winston Churchill prior to the Second World War as he warned the world about the threat posed by Adolf Hitler. he was later proved correct and then he became populiar.

  3. If you ask the right question you can get the result you want .This pole is a case in point.Are you in favour of the pipeline ?? Many answered yes. Many answered no. Apparently more of the former than the latter.No lets just change the question the are you infavour of the possible exterpation of the Orca in the Salish sea ? Or how about are you in favour of 300 more panmax and larger tankers coming into the Port of Vancouver every year ?How about has there ever been a pipeline that never had a leak of any size ??? Lets kill of the clamming beds through out the inside passage. Do you think that Rachel Notley has the right to force anything on the people and environment/waters of BC ?
    You see ? The results of a pole with these questions might be quite different.

    • Tony,
      Do you are telling me that when Kinder Morgan proposed this expansion that all of these things were not taken into account BEFORE the proposed project was approved?
      Why do I find that hard to believe?
      Oh, I know, environmentalists and protestors who just like to protest only came into existence AFTER the pipeline was approved.
      That has to be it as I am sure no one had an opportunity to put forward any objections and to have those objections evaluated, BEFORE approval was granted.
      I do not know all the ramifications of such a project but I trust that the advantages have been considered to outnumber the disadvantages of such a project.
      It is impossible to make everyone happy, but when adults act like children, as far as Notley is concerned, nothing really surprises me.
      Maybe we can have a New Democracy, where if the Majority want something and the Minirity are more vocal and pro-active, then we go with what they want.
      That should work very well.

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