IN THE LEDGE – ‘B.C . families shouldn’t have to pay $2 a litre for gasoline’

Debate in the B.C. Legislature during Question Period on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

P. Milobar: On March 12, the Environment Minister dismissed my questions about Alberta’s threat to drive up gas prices as “fearmongering…about events that clearly will not take place.”


Mr. Speaker: Members, we shall hear the question.

MLA Peter Milobar.

P. Milobar: Yesterday he said: “Don’t worry; we’ll take Alberta to court.” This from a minister who takes months just to decide what court to go to.

To the minister, how many months or years does he feel it’s appropriate for consumers in British Columbia to have to pay $2 a litre for gas?

Hon. J. Horgan: Again, I believe it’s irresponsible for the member for Kamloops–North Thompson to come and to suggest that we’re paying $2 a litre for gas. We’re not. The Premier of Alberta has said she does not want to proceed with the legislation. I believe she shouldn’t have tabled it in the first place. We disagree. That’s okay, because this is Canada, where we — I would hope — would be civilized in our discussion and our debates around issues as contentious as this one.

I don’t believe we’re aided in any way whatsoever when members on the other side of the House put fear into the minds of British Columbians when what we’re doing is standing up for British Columbians and ensuring we have the right and ability to protect them should there be a catastrophic diluted bitumen spill. That’s the root of the issue, and that member is being overly provocative, just like many others on that side of the House.

Mr. Speaker: Kamloops–North Thompson on a supplemental.

P. Milobar: Myself and our caucus are going to keep standing up for B.C. families and businesses, who shouldn’t have to pay $2 a litre. We will continue to stand up for B.C. families and businesses, who shouldn’t have to pay $2 a litre for gasoline. This will mean higher prices for gas, higher prices for groceries and other basic necessities.

The Premier and this Environment Minister created this mess. When will he fix it?

Hon. J. Horgan: Again the member is just incorrect. I find it passing strange that the people of British Columbia do not have the support of the official opposition but we can count on, apparently, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, which said: “We’re concerned that the measures being considered in Bill 12 could have long-term unintended consequences for industry and the public at large.”

That’s a reasonable thing to say when a government introduces provocative legislation with the sole express purpose of hurting another jurisdiction. Why in the world do the people on that side of the House not get that?

Source: BC Hansard.

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2 Comments on IN THE LEDGE – ‘B.C . families shouldn’t have to pay $2 a litre for gasoline’

  1. Funny how Milobar, and the Liberals never had anything to say about the previous gouging we have had to put up with. And look, he quotes a number he read in the paper , by a so called analyst , and it hasn’t happened yet. How cute.

  2. Oh hell it doesn’t matter anyway. With the carbon tax the way these two parties want to save the planet at our expense we will be paying that and more without Alberta doing a darn thing. This is all politics and grandstanding by pick an idiot.

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