GINTA – More guns are never the answer to the gun problem

I REMEMBER when the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened. I remember looking at my youngest son’s hands as he was drawing right next to me.

They were little, the roundness of his fingers busy and sweet, and most of all safely doing what any kid his age should. He was six and a half, the age of the 20 children who had been killed that morning, together with six adults, by a seriously troubled young man, who possessed many guns, including the one he used that day to commit the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

Questions abounded then and still do. I failed then as I still do today to understand how parents and family members of the victims keep on going after such tragedies.

Not only that, how do they keep going knowing that the horrible event that took their loved ones away was not the last one but one in a string of many.


Daniela Ginta is a mother, scientist, writer and blogger. She can be reached at, or through her blog at

1 Comment on GINTA – More guns are never the answer to the gun problem

  1. Was it not an AR-15 that was used in Florida? That is kind of nit-picking but the AK-15 is a Soviet assault rifle. However, this is one of the reasons certain groups of people will criticize this article, saying that the writer doesn’t know one firearm from the next.

    Nevertheless, the point is made that these types of rifles should not make it into the hands of civilians but they are the firearm of choice for mass shootings. If such an instrument was not available, then we would see fewer mass murders.
    Except for the drug trade, we don’t have the “same” problem in Canada as we see in the United States. The big difference comes down to our laws concerning the legal ownership of firearms.

    Like a “rogue state” having nuclear weapons, there is a valid fear with the type of instrument that can take away large numbers of human lives in one incident. It is unfortunate the politicians in the United States have such a difficult time in applying sound logic to two different circumstances.

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