EDITORIAL – Killing and eating of adopted pet pig a reprehensible act


An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

NEWS REPORTS about a pet potbelly pig that was adopted from the Duncan SPCA only to be eaten by her new owners is understandably causing consternation on the part of animal lovers. The situation has come to light in the past couple of days.

Here’s a Facebook post from the RASTA Sanctuary explaining what happened. (RASTA is a Chemainus group that provides safe haven for abandoned and abused farm animals.)

“It takes a special type of person to adopt an animal from a rescue organization simply to take them home to kill them, and eat them.

“This girl’s name was Molly. She was one of the 57 potbelly pigs that the Duncan SPCA took from a hoarding situation last year. The RASTA Sanctuary was personally involved with that rescue from which we ended up taking two pregnant mothers; Emma and Sophie, that eventually gave birth to 11 beautiful babies; Olivia, Oscar, Ringo, Sarah, Midge, Huxley, Dudley, Josie, Juno, Spanky & Tinkerbell.

“Sadly tiny Tinkerbell passed away shortly after birth due to a cleft pallet, but the remaining dozen potbelly pigs that we rescued will stay together with their families and be forever safe at the RASTA Sanctuary. Unfortunately Molly wasn’t so lucky and for that we feel absolutely gutted and truly beyond devastated.”

The BC SPCA hasn’t posted anything on its website about the situation but news reports quote the SPCA as explaining that killing Molly was legal. She was adopted out by the Duncan SPCA on Jan. 19. Her fate was discovered after the new owners posted photos and videos of themselves preparing the meat, according to reports.

Animal rescue groups are demanding better SPCA adoption policies. No kidding.

Some people, of course, will brush this off as much fuss about nothing, saying Canadians love their bacon and the killing and eating of farm animals is a necessity.

But there’s a big difference between an animal raised for slaughter and one raised as a pet. Potbelly pigs were fashionable pets years ago. They’re a highly intelligent and social animal, and have been known to live in owners’ houses much like a dog or a cat. As has been pointed out in the past couple of days, their meat isn’t even very good for eating — they were brought into our part of the world from Vietnam strictly as pets.

Pets deserve our protection. The fact that somebody would adopt a pet from an SPCA branch and then kill and eat it is shocking. The fact that nothing can be done about it is just sad.


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