PROVINCIAL PULSE – Clark’s approval rating holds steady at 34 per cent

Canadians appear increasingly underwhelmed by the performances of their provincial premiers, says the Angus Reid Institute in its latest poll released today (June 22, 1017).

In B.C., Premier Christy Clark’s approval was 34 per cent, third among premiers and a rating that has held steady for the past two years.

According to Angus Reid, while some premiers are taking steps back from alarmingly low approval levels, others find themselves sliding into previously unknown territory. The rest find their fortunes largely unchanged over the last quarter.

Five premiers post higher approval than last quarter in their respective provinces, up from only one in March.

Bouncing Premiers:

Atlantic premiers are among those experiencing the largest increases in approval – Newfoundland and Labrador’s Dwight Ball and New Brunswick’s Brian Gallant are up eight points and six points respectively. In Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil won a second straight majority government, though a slim one, in the May 30 general election. His rating increase five points. Given that three months ago all three leaders had approval levels in the 20-30 per cent range (Ball still does), this is no doubt welcome news for them.

Also in the plus column – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Canada’s least popular premier, Wynne rebounds slightly this quarter to 15 per cent, ending a precarious slide toward single digit approval. Facing an election about a year from now, Wynne’s government has recently introduced a plan to raise the minimum wage from $11.40 an hour to $14 an hour in 2018 and $15 in 2019. It also launched a basic income pilot project and tabled a budget that rolls back a significant and highly unpopular increase to hydro rates.

B.C.’s Christy Clark, whose party lost its majority in the May 9 general election now has the approval of one-third (34%) of British Columbians. Heading into an unprecedented legislative session today, it is unclear how much longer she will hold the job should her caucus lose the confidence of the legislature.

Link to the poll here:

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2 Comments on PROVINCIAL PULSE – Clark’s approval rating holds steady at 34 per cent

  1. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s as high as 34%. Perhaps the numbers don’t reflect the latest groveling?

    Something I’ve noted the past few days… Weaver is getting the airtime, not Horgan. Interesting. And I wonder if it suggests anything about which one is actually the brains of the operation.

  2. Lawrence Beaton // June 22, 2017 at 7:09 AM // Reply

    Will be interesting to see how the approval rating for Mr Horgan/Dr Weaver shapes up as they traipse into the BC legislature. Amusing to hear Mr. Horgan say how he and his government will fight Washington in order to support forestry jobs in resource communities in the Interior, or did he mean to say save jobs in the Orange Empire? Nothing against Mr. Horgan and Dr. Weaver, but in the grand scheme of things, they are only bit players at this time. If it is true that Dr. Weaver rejected Mr. Horgan’s attempts to force unions to get rid of secret ballots, then good on him and the Green Party.

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