EDITORIAL – If it’s OK to call Justin Trudeau ‘hot,’ why not Melanie Joly?

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly. (Image:

An ArmchairMayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

IS FEDERAL Heritage Minister Melanie Joly over-reacting to being called “hot” by Junos co-host Russell Peters during the awards show Sunday night?

Peters is getting raked over the coals in social media for the remark. Joly called the comment inappropriate, and is saying that kind of humour has no place in the Junos.

Sure, any woman, or man, appreciates a compliment, depending on how it’s delivered.

You might wonder why nobody gets criticized for calling Justin Trudeau hot. Both Trudeau and Joly were at the Junos and while Peters didn’t offer the same “compliment” to Trudeau on that occasion, he’s been on the receiving end of it many times.

Foreign media are especially guilty of focusing on Trudeau’s looks, being as he’s a new experience for them. The American TV tabloid show TMZ even did a ludicrous segment on his buns.

So howcum it’s OK to call a man hot but not a woman? Double standard?

Definitely, but sometimes double standards are necessary. Objectifying men is no more defensible that objectifying women, but men don’t face the same challenges as women do. As Joly pointed out, she represents an industry worth $53 million.

As a minister of the Crown, she deserves the respect of the office, and she deserves better than being the subject of a sad attempt at sexist humour. Peters would have been better making a lawyer joke, since Joly is a lawyer by profession.

By the way, it wasn’t the first time Joly’s looks have been reviewed in the media. In October 2015, BuzzFeed ran an item called “15 of the sexiest Liberal Members of Parliament in which it said this: “A lawyer by training, Mélanie has served as a board of director on many different organizations. She also happens to look like a sexy Disney Princess, which is never a bad thing.”

Good grief, comedians and media need to start acting like adults. Yes, Peters was out of line and, no, Joly wasn’t over-reacting to his dumb remark.

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5 Comments on EDITORIAL – If it’s OK to call Justin Trudeau ‘hot,’ why not Melanie Joly?

  1. Good grief already. There are far worse things a person can be called. Get off your high horse Melanie Joly. Talk about being overly sensitive.

  2. Yes, there are deeper issues, “J”.

    Recently I looked up the record as to why one of my uncles received the DFC in World War 2. He never spoke much about the war.
    He was a rear gunner in a Lancaster and survived several missions over Germany. On one mission, he crippled a German night fighter that was about to attack the Lancaster.
    I do not present this to argue about the morality of war. I present it to say there is a reason a young guy 19 years old signed up for military service. He was the ripe old age of 21 when he was recognized for his ‘tenacity ad bravery’. This was while he was cramped in the back end of a WW 2 bomber in the dead of night fighting against a regime that wanted to eliminate (especially Jews) people who did not measure up to the chosen race.

    “Islamophobia” was a word that was unknown to my uncle and even if he had heard of it, he likely wouldn’t have been contemplating its meaning when the first thing on his mind was to keep from freezing and secondly, if their plane was going to make it back to England.

    Of course, how soon these things are forgotten. The freedoms Minister Joly and the woman who introduced M-103 enjoy are due in part to men and women who fought against discrimination and hatred years before either one of them was born.
    What Minister Joly and others should find offensive is the bigger issue of ungratefulness and their forgetting the lessons of history.

  3. Yes, Joly WAS over reacting. Good grief, we have become way too PC. Nobody declared war, a comedian made a joke at an event, that was it.

  4. In the heat of the moment you see something beautiful and a comment gets out. It’s almost natural…hot” is not a rude word. Getting upset about nothing, really.

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