FORSETH – Christy Clark wants us to know how good we have it

Premier Clark wants us to know how good we have it, but we aren’t any better off than we were. (BC Govt photo)

WANT TO GUESS which provincial political party, waiting to become the next government, said the following?

  • we believe that government is making life tougher instead of better for the average B.C. family.
  • while households scrimp, save, and cut back on essentials, the one expense they cannot control or escape is government taxes. The main reason British Columbians are working harder and falling behind is the constant and rapid rise in taxes.
  •  while everyone is paying higher taxes, the return to taxpayers on the things that matter most is declining.
  • the major problems facing this province all have one key element in common — they are being created by our government.
  • British Columbians need a government that will base its decisions on common-sense principles, and live within its means.
  • the sacrifices made to get our financial house in order must not be sabotaged by future increases in government spending.
  • by shifting funds on and off the books, the government has shown how the existing system can be manipulated.
  • — believes that governments closest to the people serve them best — will return resources and responsibilities to local government, advancing our spirit of community and raising our quality of life.
  • the best way to change government is to open it up and bring its many functions closer to the people it serves. — believes that the closer decision-making is to the people, the more likely it is that good ideas will be put to work.

The words noted above were spoken by the B.C. Liberals prior to the election of 1996. They were words of chastising the NDP government that was in power. They were words that were intended to offer new hope.

While these emotionally charged political statements go back over two decades, I ask you … is anything really any different when it comes to being governed by the B.C. Liberals? It’s 20 years later, and some would say rather than seeing things better for British Columbians, they are, in fact, worse.

Perhaps its could be said that taxes are lower, but then again we are being nickel and dimed in service fees … MSP rates will finally be going down (but NOT for another year) and our B.C. Liberal government continues to add billions in debt.

Small town rural B.C. continues to shrink ever more rapidly as government policies allow big business to remove the assets that once created good high paying jobs.

As I have mentioned on many prior occasions, we have a carbon tax that hits those who live in the interior and north hard, and not just for the fuel required to run our vehicles. It also gets added to basic necessities like home heating fuel, our groceries, and even the clothes we wear.

Those who most need Legal Aid are unable to access it because the funding it is supposed to get is buried instead in general revenue.

Government has pillaged B.C. Hydro and ICBC for billions of dollars, which have disappeared into a bottomless spending pit. Meantime we continue to be hit with large increases to ICBC rates, and Hydro costs.

In fact, if insurance rates are not increased rapidly, ICBC will be in serious financial difficulties.

My friends, we are not better off than we were 20 years ago. Whether governed by the NDP, or by the B.C. Liberals, one is pretty much as bad as the other.

Government is still making life tougher; government raises fees and taxes; government is reckless with increased debt that will have to be paid by current and future generations. Government is providing less services and less front-line workers.

Oh, and where are those promised family doctors? Yah, right, welcome to the world of walk-in clinics. Oh, but those too are now beginning to close.

But, Christy Clark wants us to know how good we have it. That’s why we are now being flooded with taxpayer paid-for advertising extolling the virtues of Christy Clark and her B.C. Liberal government, advertising that is biased to the core and should have been paid for by the Liberals.

Help… where is a strong, independent candidate when we need one?

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada, the B.C. Reform Party and the B.C. Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

About Mel Rothenburger (7951 Articles) is a forum about Kamloops and the world. It has more than one million views. Mel Rothenburger is the former Editor of The Daily News in Kamloops, B.C. (retiring in 2012), and past mayor of Kamloops (1999-2005). At he is the publisher, editor, news editor, city editor, reporter, webmaster, and just about anything else you can think of. He is grateful for the contributions of several local columnists. This blog doesn't require a subscription but gratefully accepts donations to help defray costs.

2 Comments on FORSETH – Christy Clark wants us to know how good we have it

  1. Again,dead on Pierre.

  2. But everyone IS turning to the government asking for more…I have not seen anyone taking a step back and content themselves with less and take on more personal responsibility.
    I am not saying let’s not fight for a better world…but we certainly diverge on what we envision as a better world…mine is leaning towards less materialism, more equitable, less wasteful…and a government of the same.

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